Murali Raghavan is a Chartered & Cost accountant from India. He is based in UAE for the past 29 years and is the co-founder of the company CFOSME, which enables SMEs to optimize their Cash from Operations with improved financial ecosystems. His experience with multinational companies in retail & wholesale distribution, Information Technology, Real Estate and Hotel development, Risk Management & Insurance (Financial Advisor) gives him a wide range of skills and experience.

Raghavan’s book is a financial thriller that dives deep into money laundering in India, particularly the methods used by corrupt businessmen and politicians to funnel their ill-gotten gains into the banking system, post the surprise announcement of Demonetization,

The novel has been written after a lot of research about the methods used by people with ill- gotten wealth to deposit their black money with banks and the vulnerabilities around the data of cash deposits that exists even today.

Riding the De (Mon)

  • A presumably innocent banker
  • A religious leader accused of murder
  • A journalist who is after more than just the next big story
  • A plan to use demonetization to topple a government.

It is a must read for finance professionals and curious minds who are interested to understand if the Government made any real substantial gains from the surprise announcement.


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