Chinnathambi was appointed as the new NSUI TAMILNADU President of the All India Congress Committee 1 year ago and then the NEET lamp demonstration was held under the leadership of the NSUI Tamil Nadu President Chinnathambi in March, followed by the selection of 9 general secretary, 20 secretaries and 10 coordinators in April and the NSUI head office in Chennai in May. NSUI Tamil Nadu Office in Chennai was also opened at Satyamurthy Bhawan.

Apart from that, many were given the post of District President, and following the call of the Enforcement Department to investigate All India Congress Committee President Mallikarjun Karge ji and former All India Congress Committee President Rahul Gandhi, all administrators in the states across the country joined in a demonstration in Delhi in which a large number of NSUI Tamil Nadu presidents and administrators participated.

The NSUI Tamil Nadu, which has been working vigorously, decided to take the protests and demonstrations programs to the people, and it was decided to appoint an administrator for the social media department, which unit was working enthusiastically. Basically, with the approval of All India NSUI President, All India NSUI Social Media Head Aditya Bhagat, Mr.Abdul Salam was appointed as Social Media President of NSUI Tamil Nadu recently.


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