Having made its mark in the European markets, Taj Indian Beer and Wines (alcohol free) will soon be launched in India and US.

Founded by Harpreet Singh in 2020, Taj Indian Wines and Beers gets its name from the 7th wonder of the world, “The Taj Mahal”.

Singh, a resident of Europe for last 15 years has always been a great fan of Indian aristocracy and legacy. “The idea behind choosing the name was to represent the splendour of Indian Royals which continues to enthral millions across the globe,” voiced Singh.

The manufacturing plant of the beer is located in Poland while the winery is situated in Spain.

The alcohol-free Beer and Wines with it’s great taste is already a success saga in Europe as it is being served in more than 250 restaurants of Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany. It is also available at a large number of stores in all the above countries.

Abiding by the stringent quality control measures and other ethical practices, the company has grown manifold in last two years. Also, the team at Taj Indian Beer and Wines has been incessantly involved in analysing competition and strategic planning. 

Looking at the response in Europe, Singh has decided to introduce Taj Indian Beer and Wines in India as well as US. “There is a large segment of people in India and US who prefer alcohol-free beer and wines. I am sure the beer and wine lovers will savour the rich and authentic taste of our products,” shared Singh.

He further disclosed that shortly, the company will start manufacturing fruits juices of tropical rich fruits. The fruit juices in different flavours will be in launched in India and Europe.


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