Kolkata (West Bengal), [India], May 29, 2024: Alfit, a new Indian activewear brand, is rapidly gaining traction among fitness enthusiasts. It focuses on creating the most comfortable and functional athletic wear possible. Founded by Vishroot Jalan, a lifelong athlete with over 15 years of tennis experience, Alfit was born to address the lack of high-quality, homegrown activewear options in the Indian market.

Alfit’s product range, including tees and shorts, is designed with various features such as sweat management, 4-way stretch, and quick-dry technology, all while keeping comfort at the core. These attributes ensure that the apparel supports freedom of movement and is ideal for various physical activities. The brand’s mission is to provide the most comfortable and functional athletic wear, catering to a growing community of fitness enthusiasts.

“Having spent countless hours training and playing sports, I always felt there was a gap in the market for activewear that prioritised comfort and functionality without compromising on style,” says Jalan, Founder of Alfit. “While established international brands offered great products, accessibility for Indian consumers was limited.”

Alfit was launched in December 2023. Despite being a young company, Alfit has already witnessed exceptional customer response, with products being restocked twice within just five months. This strong repeat purchase rate highlights the brand’s commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

Designed for Movement, Made for Everyone

Alfit’s core philosophy revolves around creating activewear that integrates with physical activity. “Our vision is to empower the ever-growing fitness community in India,” says Jalan. “We want to encourage more people to embrace an active lifestyle and experience its positive impact on overall well-being. Alfit aims to be your partner in becoming a better version of yourself daily.”

Currently catering exclusively to men, Alfit targets individuals passionate about fitness, sports, and healthy lifestyles. Its activewear caters to those who play sports, want to learn something new, or simply want to incorporate fitness into their daily routine.


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