“Ignite the spark in you and create the Blast,” says Alma Chopra.

New Delhi: Adapting to a life with an impairment is never easy. One gradually and with a lot of effort, learns that there are ways to live amidst the restrictions, overcome the challenges, and reclaim the sovereignty one loses when diagnosed with a disability. It is tough to adjust to changes that come along with a disability whether physical or mental, as the world begins to see you with different eyes, but with the right mix of determination correct attitude even this massive feat can be surpassed as proven by Alma Chopra.

Inspiring someone requires no educational qualifications. It needs experiences. A living personal story sometimes becomes enough to connect with people. Alma Chopra is not just a motivational speaker but also a blogger and YouTuber who has a personal story to contribute to the improvement of others life, while influencing lives of many with her outstanding ability to see light in utter darkness.

When she was diagnosed with acute degenerative cerebellar ataxia, Alma went through the tumultuous journey and fought the odds. Now she is a proud advocater of disability awareness. Having the courage to help others despite her own physical limitations, she influences the lives of many through her motivating talks and journey.

Alma’s diagnosis hampered her academic performance and physical output, yet she remained firm. By means of her unfailing persistence and unswayed grit, she participated in sports, received recognition for her advancement in the arts, graduated from Case Western Reserve University and went on to pursue her master’s in law.

Accepting our handicaps is not easy, but acceptance of our limitations allows us to move beyond them. Each of us has unique abilities. When we stop focusing on the deficits we allow ourselves to excel at our outstanding qualities. This thought leader motivates people to keep going on, make the necessary changes in thought and behavior, and set attainable goals.

Alma has always been a person full of energy, therefore she talks about it with the same excitement and encourages others to do the same.

With all the spark in her, Alma has emerged as a fighter not just for herself but even for many other people around her. Many of her listeners seek her advice and incorporate it into their lives in order to live happier and healthier lives. “Alma says,” I want my life, my journey, and my struggles to be an example to everyone. I am willing to show my vulnerabilities to the world; if it can inspire one person globally, my job is done.


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