CA Andrew Nadar, a noted academician who is known for his value-based teaching and grooming exceptional talent, believes that holistic education is the way forward. He keeps on sharing his opinions on economy, education and other relevant topics at various national and international forums. Andrew heads one of the leading institutes of Surat imparting professional knowledge to the commerce students of higher secondary and is known to create excellent record-breaking results year by year. Andrew shares his views on education, parenting tips and glimpse of trends ahead.

Tell us about the main areas and your journey of teaching?

Teaching for me has been a very enriching experience. The joy of working along with young minds enables you to keep your spirits young too. I have been fortunate to have taught over thousands of students, helping them turn their dreams into reality. My students have done exceptionally well academically and created envious careers. I teach the students of class XI and XII and have had the privilege to introduce the new subjects to them like Accountancy, Finance, Business Studies, Economics, Fundamentals of Taxation and other allied topics of commerce. Like a perfect team we have managed to produce excellent results.

What are your views on the education system?

Books give you literacy, but wisdom is when you know how to apply it. I firmly believe that strong values, ethics, morals and integrity are very essential. Education is not about getting grades or degrees, it aims to foster critical thinking, life skills, analytical skills and decision-making skills in students. As a teacher, mentor and guide I want my students to be remembered for their attributes and not the numbers they have scored in the exams.

Can you highlight certain achievements of the results that your students achieve in Board Exams?

Every year we generate excellent record-breaking results. And it’s an icing on the cake when students achieve A1 grades, get 100/100 marks in accounts and statistics as well as in theory subjects, get top ranks in School etc. Talking about the results of March 2022, we have 5 students getting the prestigious A1 grade, 71 students getting A2 grade and 10 students crossing the crucial 99 PR. In the 4 commerce subjects, there were 57 students scoring more than 90% and 104 students scoring more than 85%. But I always believe that “Success is a by-product of hard work.”

What is your advice to the students who will be appearing for their XII exams this year?

There is limited time on hand, just about a month now. If this time is used wisely and strategically then one can achieve good outcome. It is important to be disciplined and put in consistent efforts. As a tip I would says keep rotating the subjects to keep stress and boredom away. Have lots of writing practice, “The more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in battle” Revise well.

What is your general advice to all students?

We live in a competitive era wherein one need to gain expertise, merge conventional abilities with technical competency and bring about a positive change in your mindset. Learn new things, upskill and most importantly believe in yourself.

For more details contact:

Andrew J Nadar: F-14 to 17, 2nd Floor, Central Plaza, Above ICICI Bank, New Citylight, Surat, Call: 9825113232, Email: [email protected]


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