Kazi’s seventh book, a romance thriller that deals with a sensitive subject is all set for release on November 20, 2022

The only Indian writer to have won a Goodreads Choice award, Faraaz Kazi is back with the most anticipated work for the year. Titled ‘The Sun, The Moon and The Love In Between’, and co-authored with film writer Sahar Quaze, the book will be available nation-wide on November 20, 2022. Said to be Kazi’s most challenging work yet which took seven years in the making, the book deals with a sensitive subject and is said to be a thriller romance set in Mumbai.

The premium looking black and gold cover of the book captures the cycle of life and the bonds that tie relationships together. This will be the first book cover in history to be launched as an NFT, and people can purchase the one-of-a-kind art on OpenSea using Ethereum.

The Sun, The Moon, and The Love In Between is an intensely emotional roller-coaster that promises to make you smile, laugh and cry. It is an ode to modern-day love and relationships which are complex and dynamic, and each more unique than the other. The story will make us search within ourselves, seeking clarity on our perspective towards a lot of societal aspects around us,” said Faraaz Kazi while talking about the book. The book will be released by Vishwakarma Publications and will be available across India and in all major bookstores and online stores.

Set in Mumbai, ‘The Sun, The Moon and The Love In Between’ revolves around Azhar Siddiqui, a guy with average looks and a kind heart who never loses faith in finding true love despite his forgettable experiences at finding it. After his best friend, Ishaan, breaks his trust, Azhar feels that he has lost it all. But destiny has a surprise for him when he decides to find love in the virtual world. Here he meets Zahra, an enigmatic and beautiful woman who leaves him desiring for more. It is only a matter of time before Azhar falls for her. Unaware about her past, Azhar has no idea about the journey that awaits him on this route. A journey that will change his very belief and mindset and make him question the very foundations of love.

A two-time national award-winner, Faraaz Kazi has already penned down six best-sellers that have been appreciated by local and global audiences alike. His debut book ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ has been taken up for a movie adaptation and also fetched the author many accolades. Kazi popularly known as ‘The Nicholas Sparks of India’ also writes in the horror genre. His second book ‘The Other Side’ remains one of the highest selling horror titles in India.

Faraaz Kazi is active on social media @FaruKazi on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

For more information please visit www.faraazkazi.in


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