Introducing Indian artists with extraordinary vision and style at a global magnitude

New Delhi: Bluerickshaw announces extension with Art @ Bluerickshaw for visionary artists of India, who can now have direct access to the world podium with their range of themes to be explored globally. Curated by well-known art curator & cultural producer Myna Mukherjee, Art @ Bluerickshaw is an endeavor to celebrate the fine art, quality, and skills of Indian Artists that will transform lives and change the perception of people worldwide.

“India is a hub of varied practices that anchors diversification in terms of themes, inspired by people’s identities, our own creative abilities, sometimes laws & politics, our rich history & the contemporary culture that is waiting to be explored globally. I seek deep interest in art curation as an investigation and reflection of aesthetics and the visual spectacle of heterogeneous cultures. It gave me great pleasure in organizing the Art @ Bluerickshaw idea for our potential & talented Indian artists, who need that exposure which will get them acknowledged in the field.” Said Myna Mukherjee.

Art @ Bluerickshaw is a one-stop online platform where people can discover and buy affordable, original, and top works of Indian Art. It’s an extension of Bluerickshaw which enables Indian Artisans, weavers, and small manufacturers to sell to the world seamlessly. The first spotlight of Art @ Bluerickshaw is focusing on marginal, queer, and contemporary women artists and their voices. The platform contains the works of small Indian artists who have long been undiscovered and unexposed to the world.

Akshay Wadhwa, CEO, Bluerickshaw said, “The Indian Subcontinent evinces numerous artists with exceptional vision and style of their own. The vision behind the launch of Art @ Bluerikchsaw is to give the world access to these Indian Artists seamlessly. Getting Myna Mukherjee onboard as the curator of Art @ Bluerickshaw was a great decision because her interest in Transnational Arts gave a lot more perspective to our first spotlight which is focused on artists who have come out during this lockdown led by the pandemic. I am very positive about the venture and looking forward to it with a lot of excitement.”

About Bluerickshaw: Bluerickshaw is a curated B2B export platform connecting small weavers, artisans & small manufacturers of India with small to midsize buyers across North America. Launched in March 2021, BlueRickshaw has the vision to enable small businesses of the world to get access to high-quality Indian goods seamlessly.

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