Ah So Yum truly lives up to its name. A one-of-its kind delivery kitchen which is awarded by Times Food Delivery Icons as Best Pan Asian Restaurant Delhi, armed with a team of skilled chefs.

Fusion cuisine is de rigueur in India now, with swarms of restaurants getting in on the action. Pan-Asian cuisine spans the world’s largest continent, from Southern Malaysia, to Vietnam. At Ah so Yum, pan asian cuisine is delivered with panache. Whether you’re after the gourmet treatment, a healthy dinner or even a vegan option – you’ve come to the right place.

Food is exhilarating to the eyes and tastebuds alike, weaving together the ingredients and cooking styles of the Indian sub-continent, Thailand and the Far East to create a ‘pan-Asian odyssey’. Simplicity is key here, and the flavours and textures of a continent are brought to the fore via fresh, authentic ingredients. This delivery kitchen gets the gold seal of approval from sushi aficionados. Chopsticks at the ready: we’ve sashimi-d our way round the best sushi in the capital and rounded up the very finest. Here the food is an unobtrusive shoo-in for aficionados of pure-bred traditional Japanese cuisine. Expect platters of cut rolls tightly wrapped with nori or glistening slices of fish, beautifully presented with slivers of vegetables and dots of wasabi. From Ramen Noodles to Pork Gyoza, Kung Pao Chicken to Thai Curry, Burmese Khao Suey to Shrimp Tempura, you name it, we have it all. Embark on a gastronomical journey today to cherish the flavours of a joyous meal forever.

Visit our website to order now:- www.ahsoyum.com


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