Dr. Shwet Goswami believes in the fact that if proper guidance is provided to the students by a capable teacher, nothing in the world can stop them from achieving their dreams. He is the Director of SYNTHESIS Institute, Bikaner, which deals with providing excellent coaching service to Medical and Engineering aspirants.

Dr. Goswami, who is himself a veterinary doctor (Post graduate and gold medalist in Veterinary pathology), could not forget the difficulties he had to face during his preparation days. He hails from Bikaner, Rajasthan. His dream was to get selected in Government Medical College and be a doctor. Not to mention, he really worked hard towards his goal. But being from an area which had no good institute for the preparation of medical exams, he struggled a lot and finally managed to achieve a veterinary degree. Although his dream was different from this degree but this incident opened a different page in his life.

According to Dr. Shwet Goswami, he not only kept a good academic record in his college, but also always participated in cultural activities. Since he was very much interested in drawing, cartooning and painting, he won many awards there which boosted his confidence.  Dr. Shwet Goswami has also been the president of the student union of his college, that is, he already had the quality of leadership. Amidst all these incidents the one thing that always remained on his mind was “Helping other students to realise their dreams and not letting them fall prey to lack of facilities.”

After finishing his veterinary education, he was in dire need of government jobs as he belonged to a middle-class family but at that time there were no vacancies available for government jobs.  But he had inherited the quality of teaching from his grandfather, so he started tutoring students who had the ability to pass the medical examination, but the small town lacked educational facilities.

Meanwhile, he met two men with same aspirations, Mr. Jethmal Suthar and Mr. Manoj Bajaj. They collaborated for a bigger purpose and started ‘SYNTHESIS INSTITUTE’ in 2006 at Bikaner. They started with around 120 students and today this institute has more than 2000 students.

Being a victim of lack of proper guidance in the field of education, Dr. Goswami knows the value of a true Guru and he gives his best to guide students to make their career as well as excel in academics.

Organizing an institution is a daunting task itself but he never misses a chance of one-to-one conversation with Students and check their problems at his own level.

Discussing his remarkable and tough journey, “teaching has always mesmerized me,” Dr. Goswami comments. He adds, “It allows you to touch so many lives and to make a meaningful addition to them”. From offering great learning to granting the finest implementation strategies, this whole team is empowering every single individual student and helps them to blossom towards their dream career.

Formally this institute has successfully completed its 15 golden years of continuous knowledge, success and celebration but the astonishing fact is that all its faculties are having experience of more than 20 years in the field of Medical and Engineering. This kind of experience not only help the teachers to predict the direction of competition, know the nerves of students’ strength and weaknesses accurately but also encourage students to rely more on their mentors and give their best in academics.

This institute has a properly managed and systemic program for all kinds of students coming here .It has various kinds of batches to offer the students depending upon their capabilities and needs. It not just nurtures the raw young talents but also give a directional push to those talents who wasted their time somewhere else but could not reach their goals. Its courses are designed in such a way that a student can begin anywhere from class 8th upto 12th (PREFOUNDATION, FOUNDATION COURSE) and even after 12th they can come here for TARGET COURSES.

This institute is providing its services to the remote places also by its online courses through “SYNDIGI” App. One of the major factor that makes this institute different from other famous institute is the personal attention that students get from mentors. Since small batches are  made for more proper guidance, its success rate was 1 out of every 7 student last year. Less fee and affordable lodging for students makes this place ideal for students from all kinds of background. Apart from classroom courses it is also offering distance learning program and its test centres are located in:

  • Kota
  • Sikar
  • Jodhpur
  • Churu
  • Hisar (Haryana)
  • Nahan (Himachal Pradesh)
  • Kohima (Nagaland)
  • Dimapur (Nagaland)

Along with all these works, this institute gives Damayanti Goswami Scholarship in the name of Late Mother of Dr. Shwet Goswami, through which it is also doing humanitarian work by giving scholarship in education fee to poor and meritorious students.

This is the real place where dream comes true. So, choose the right path if you really want to make it to the destination.


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