The company has recently bagged a deal worth 34.15 crores from the entertainment conglomerate, Laddu Gopal Venture Private Limited. The deal involved Global Market Insights IT Services 100% subsidiary of Pressure Sensitive Systems looking after the Film Editing, Film development work, Film Animation Work, managing end-to-end creative requirements for Laddu Gopal Venture that shall enhance, redefine its video production capacity.

Global Market Insights IT Services LLC 100% subsidiary of Pressure Sensitive Systems has been the leading post-production and 3D animation company of India. The company was incorporated on 3rd December 1987 and has been a reputed name in the business. The post-production and 3D animation conglomerate boasts of a highly professional and state-of-the-art facility and is a BSE-listed company. Dubai-based, Global Market Insights IT Services LTT is a subsidiary of the Pressure Sensitive Systems Ltd.

With this deal,

Pressure Sensitive Systems, in association with Laddu Gopal Venture shall elevate the standards of film-making in the country. The company shall incur a reasonable profit and the deal shall add to the company’s exemplary vision. A massive incline in the share price of the company post the announcement can also be anticipated. The company continues to outshine with its exceptional video-making capabilities under the leadership of the board of directors and senior management.

The company comes with a supremacy in creating 3D animated movies and post-production. This massive deal also marks one of the biggest collaborations of 2023 in the entertainment industry

The order of INR 34.15 crores from Laddu Gopal Venture Pvt. Ltd. is a significant achievement for Global Market Insights IT Services LLC. It highlights the company’s expertise in post-movie editing and 3D animation and underscores its commitment to delivering top-quality work to clients. This order shall mark the beginning of a long and successful partnership between the two companies, and we can expect to see more impressive work from Global Market Insights IT Services LLC in the future.


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