Dubai, (UAE): Dubai to witness Australian Star DJ Matt Ryyder & DJ Brooke Boshuizen this winter in “ACID BOMB” – The Music. 

While the pandemic may have paused the decks for many DJs, stars of the scene, like DJ Matt Ryyder and Dj Brooke Boshuizen hailing from Australia, continue to enjoy great popularity. The Viberate platform has ranked among the most popular DJs this year.

The world of music is a world of its own, which has given birth to innumerable talented beings in the form of singers, songwriters, rappers, music producers, DJs, artists, and more. Still, a handful of them proves they deserve the recognition they seek in their journeys. Serving as one of the finest examples of one such high-performing guy is Matt, most popularly known as DJ Matt Ryyder and Dj Brooke.

Dj Matt Ryyder said all the best concerts and gigs are coming up in the UAE. I am going to perform and provide a different and unique take on combining his main room high energy commercial dance style with the electric violin to create a new and exciting showpiece with the mixes of brighter high, energy commercial dance anthems or grittier tech house vibes is all about his pure love for music and innate skills to compel people to hit the dance floors as Dubai is the melting pot of all cultures and languages.

Dubai to witness Australian Star DJ Matt Ryyder & DJ Brooke Boshuizen this winter in ACID BOMB-The Music by Javed Shafi

DJ BROOKE BOSHUIZEN said there are so many great acts on my way, with artists stopping on their way to tour dates or making an extraordinary journey to perform in the UAE. I am a lively, sparkling, and charming artist who is not only djing but dancing or busy in both. My unique style in music makes me completely versatile, whether you want the house, Rnb, or party anthems; also, her looks are not hurting her. Dj Brooke was considered one of the nation’s most beautiful DJs. But what makes Dj Brooke genuinely unique is her desire and intention to empower women everywhere. I have always been involved with music in every way, shape or form, from DJ’ing, listening or producing music, As this  is the best medicine.” It now makes sense how she has kept going and pursuing her dream after all these years. Dj Brooke has expressed her excitement to perform on the stage in Dubai.  

The Power of Collaborations

Javed Shafi is looking forward to collaborating with SS Entertainment on music for renowned artists from Australia. The Dubai-based entrepreneur, Javed Shafi from Premier Production, has worked with many celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan, Sunny Leone, Dhanush and many others. Javed Shafi said that “Acid Bomb” The Music “is not just a product. It is a musical experience the audiences will love and crave more once experienced as I’m ready for the show in December in Dubai!” he exclaimed. “I would love to collaborate with anyone who is associated with music as Collaborating is a beautiful thing. We must come together and make great songs.” Like they say, living in Dubai, we’re never short of live music to watch in the city.

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