For over two decades, Arviend Sud @ Destiny Sscience Private Limited has demystified the ancient sciences of Numerology and Vastu, guiding individuals towards self-discovery and empowered living. Founded by veteran expert Mr. Arviend Sud, the institute is a leading name in its field, impacting countless lives through education, awareness, and personalised consultations.

Driven by the mission to empower individuals, Destiny Sscience has fostered a vibrant community exceeding 25,000 students across the globe. Mr. Sud, with his 23+ years of experience and over 5,000 TV appearances, has been instrumental in bringing these profound sciences to the mainstream. Destiny Sscience’s recently launched app, ClickNumero, offers accurate and insightful numerology reports, further democratising access to this knowledge.

Achievements Include:

  • World’s largest community of Numerology & Vastu students: Destiny Sscience fosters a supportive learning environment, empowering individuals to unlock their potential.
  • Transformative consultations: Over 25,000 individuals have experienced positive changes through personalised consultations.
  • Pioneering Vastu on television: Arviend Sud introduced Vastu to a wider audience through over 5,000 TV shows, dispelling myths and promoting its practical applications.
  • Engaging global audience: Destiny Sscience conducts regular webinars and offline training programs, reaching individuals worldwide.
  • Exceptional student support: Dedicated online forums, doubt-clearing sessions, and personalised guidance ensure student success.
  • Making knowledge accessible: Destiny Sscience emphasises clear explanations and practical techniques, making these powerful sciences understandable for everyone.

More than just numbers and directions: Destiny Sscience goes beyond the surface, delving into the essence of Numerology and Vastu. The company believes in:

  • Understanding an individual: Gaining insights into an individual personality and strengths paves the way for self-empowerment.
  • Logical approach: Destiny Sscience debunks superstitions and presents these sciences as practical tools for personal growth.
  • Happy and fulfilling life: By navigating life’s journey with awareness, individuals can achieve greater happiness and fulfilment.

With a combined social media following exceeding 389K+, Mr. Arviend Sud continues to inspire and educate a global audience. The company’s commitment to knowledge sharing, personalised support, and accessible learning makes it a true leader in the field of Numerology and Vastu.

About Arviend Sud @ Destiny Sscience Private Limited:

Established in 2000, Arviend Sud @ Destiny Sscience Private Limited is a leading institute dedicated to empowering individuals through the profound sciences of Numerology and Vastu. Guided by the expertise of Mr. Arviend Sud, the institute provides transformative consultations, educational programs, and a supportive community, enabling individuals to unlock their potential and lead fulfilling lives.


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