• EY Employees Participates in Socially Relevant Projects Across Various Parts of the Country
  • Aimed at Turning employees into socially conscious corporate citizens through Goodera’s volunteering platform

Bangalore (Karnataka) [India]: Celebrating the theme of this year’s International Volunteer Day 2022 of ‘solidarity through volunteering’, EY Global Delivery Services partnered with Goodera, the global volunteering platform, to mobilise their employees to make a social impact through a six-week volunteering festival culminating in December, the International Volunteering Day month.

On the occasion of the International Volunteering Day, the EY employees across the country volunteered in various activities based on their interest and skill sets. Some of the activities included the volunteers spending a day at the Community Farms to interact with the rural farmers and the community around them. The objective was to understand the farming process and lend a helping hand to the farmers with their tasks. This gave the volunteers first-hand experience in farming and will also enable them to become more conscious citizens by being more aware of hardships farmer face and may motivate them to support the community; Mentoring sessions for the youth across various cities, School Transformation projects amongst others.

Over thousands of employees (almost 70% of the total employees) of EY India participated in the six-week long Annual Volunteering Festival which was aimed at building a culture of socially conscious citizens among EY GDS’ employees and senior management across 9 countries (Argentina, China, Hungary, India, Mexico, Poland, the Philippines, Spain and Sri Lanka).

Celebrating the theme of this year’s International Volunteer Day 2022, EY GDS volunteering festival highlights the power of our collective humanity to drive positive change through skill-based volunteerism. EY GDS envisions creating socially conscious corporate citizens who carry out the spirit of giving back and make a better working world.

Kickstarting the initiative, EY GDS developed three specific themes covering pertinent cause areas requiring skill-based volunteering. After clearly outlining each theme’s scope, objectives and goals, Goodera built a catalog of volunteering events around each segment that would leverage the skills and knowledge of EY GDS employees. Giving a greater emphasis to skill-base volunteering allowed volunteers to create assets and outputs that would bring compounding goodness to the beneficiaries and Non-Profits.

Connect to Educate, the first theme aims to improve the quality of learning and make it more inclusive for all students. The skill-based volunteering activities consist of creating science models and quizzes for kids and school transformations among others.

The second theme, Connect to Enable is dedicated to mentor youth from under-resourced communities through teaching and learning-aid development. It includes activities such as soft skills training for youth from underserved communities, mentorship for LGBTQIA+ youth and more. 

Lastly, Connect for Climate Action, creates awareness and shares critical knowledge needed to tackle upcoming environmental challenges. Activities such as assembling solar lamps, creating planters from old plastic bottles and other environmentally-focussed activities are part of this theme.

International Volunteering Day has provided a greater impetus to volunteer registrations since it is synergetic with EY GDS’ purpose of building a better working world. Furthermore, the themes chosen for the festival bind EY’s corporate giving to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With the levels of participation thus far, EY GDS has extended the festival by one more week in order to amplify the impact.

About EY Global Delivery Services (GDS): EY Global Delivery Services (GDS) is one of the greatest global assets of EY. It is an ever-growing, integrated service delivery center network that provides innovative, scalable and customized business services to EY member firms. This network is a vital element of EY leading–class service capabilities that bring together an industrialized combination of high-quality skilled professionals, automation, and cutting-edge technologies. Present in ten countries (Argentina, China, Hungary, India, Mexico, Poland, the Philippines, Spain and the United Kingdom) and 21 cities, EY GDS works with EY member firms across the globe to build a better working world by helping EY and its clients be agile nimble, and efficient.

About Goodera: Goodera is the world’s largest volunteering platform. Its volunteering platform allows companies to access various curated virtual, hybrid, and in-person volunteering opportunities and social causes. Goodera’s 400+ clientele list includes 60 Fortune 500 companies, and it works with 50,000+ non-profit organizations across 100+ countries. Since its inception, Goodera has onboarded and engaged up to 10 million+ corporate volunteers with various in-person, virtual, and hybrid activities worldwide.

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