Dr.Abhinav Kumar Shrivastava, an alumuni of IIT Dhanbad has created remarkable history for welfare of mankind in Post Covid World.

His novel Research Paper titled “Handling Post Covid World Challenges In Health Care Sector By “Food Irradiation Process” By “Pharmaceutical Management” With Specific Focus On “Old Age Health Care” People, has been invited and presented at, International Research Conference on Management & Humanities (IRCMH) 2022 BOSTON, at J.B. Martin Conference Center, Harvard University, held on May 26-28, 2022, Boston, United States of America. (Official Link:- “https://londoninstitutesd.co.uk/research-conferences”)

The publication is also available in Nielsen Book Database which serves collection of data from more than 70 countries.

Exploring the details that how this success was earned, Dr.Shrivastava politely shared “I earned total several “Secret Intellectual Property Grants” about 11 years back when I was Master’s Program student of IIT Dhanbad and kept on going with research”.

He added “During Pandemic I identified, total 22 ill-health indicators and started working to get the optimum level of solution for such indicators. And thought of making multiple “Healthy Derivative Food Products”; which increases immunity of human body and increases the overall health of people to fight against common diseases in day to day life, making it an overall healthy body.”

Dr.Abhinav incorporated, “Kanabhuk Nabhikiye Urja Vikash Samriddhi Private Limited” (Kanuvim(TM), a Company with objective for Peaceful use of “Nuclear Energy” in “Food Irradiation” for providing fresh and healthy food. The Company is named “Kanabhuk” on name of Ancient Indian Sage “Kanad” as he was inventor of the concept of “Atoms” around 3000 years BC.  The Company is incorporated in Surat, Gujarat.

In the published proceedings, The novel concept of “FINEST” Method (Food Irradiation by Nuclear Energy by Sustainable and Trustful) designed by Dr.Shrivastava is now officially accepted and published by Boston Club Harvard, United States of America.

Kanuvim Company’s CEO, Magandeep Sethi shared “Some of the novel Food Products and Edibles will hit the stands in local market of Surat by August 2022. And these products will be boosters of immunity with the wholesome goodness of Herbal Ingredients.

The detailed research paper has been Published by “Applied Research International Conferences, Which Is A Research Wing Of London Institute Of Skills Development (LISD), United Kingdom”, vide ISBN Number “978-1-80352-038-4”


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