Sports Lover? Well, then you must have probably enjoyed FirstSportz’s content somewhere. Maybe while scrolling through Instagram or Facebook or hopping around sports blogs because FirstSportz is now everywhere. With over 100K+ social media following and 2 million monthly websites reach Firstsportz is reaching new heights in the sports industry.

How did it all started?

Like any other successful mission, Firstsportz also started with a dream. A dream of providing world-class sports facilities to the aspiring athletes of the country at the lowest cost possible. And to accomplish this Mr. Bharat Singh gave his everything to establish a sports school in Rewari. Coming from IIT Kharagpur, Bharat even left his high-paying job to nurture the futures of athletes of our country. However, due to some reasons, the idea of building a sports school got thrashed.

And here is when Firstsportz came into the picture. Mr. Bharat, a die-hard sports lover, knew that quitting was never an option which he has learned over the years from sports. And now it’s his time to give something back to the sport.

Then, he shared this wonderful idea with one of his mates Deepak Dudy. Deepak just like Bharat was a sports fanatic having keen interest towards combat sports and fitness and decided to give his heart and soul to this dream.

So, they decided to start an online portal which will be the first and final stop for every sports lover out there. A portal where every buzz happening in the sports world will be published so that sports lovers don’t miss out on anything and don’t have to wander through different websites for quality content.

Initially, Firstsportz started with 3 members: Bharat, Deepak, and Siddharth, a young achiever who is an aspiring sports presenter/journalist.

Back then, they themselves handled everything from blogs to articles to news to social media posts.

And today within 18 months it has grown to a 40 members team where every individual performs their respective tasks.

And the most important thing to note is that Firstsportz has not taken any external investment to date and is solely funded by Mr. Bharat, Deepak and his mates. This shows the hard work the entire team has put into and obviously the power of their unique, fresh and updated content.

Varieties at Firstsportz:

The slogan of Firstsportz is “first and final stop for every sports update” and they justify it completely. Firstsportz offers a variety of content across different sports like Cricket, Football, Basketball, MMA, WWE, and much more. FirstSportz covers all major sports leagues in the world from early morning live events to the latest buzzing news. You say a sports name and it is there on the Firstsportz website. And this is what makes Firstsportz stand out from any other sports portal in the country. Recently, FirstSportz has managed its way into the World’s Top 90,000 online portals which is a huge achievement for any Indian sports portal.

And not just the website, FirstSportz is killing the social media game too. FirstSportz has gained over 100K+ followers on Social Media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and over 1million+ more likes, comments and shares too. And everything they have achieved is 100% organic and purely based on their content.

Work Culture at Firstsportz:

After talking to a few of the Firstsportz employees a common narrative that came out was “Working at Firstsportz doesn’t feel like working”. Yes, according to them it’s a fun place to work where every individual knows their respective tasks and a blessing to have Mr. Bharat and Deepak as their boss who are 24/7 ready to guide them.


The primary goal of Firstsportz is a satisfied reader. Firstsportz wants to cover every sport out there and that too in the quickest time possible so that every Firstsportz reader knows even the smallest happening in the sports world before anyone else. And that is the definition of a satisfied reader according to Firstsportz.

Firstsportz also wanted to be established as the leading sports website in the world within the upcoming years. FirstSportz focuses upon the aim of sponsoring various sports persons via this online portal and helps the best emerging Indian athletes.


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