Alexandra Papanikolaou, a Greek expatriate settle, is introducing a unique niche in yoga by blending traditional practices with innovative concepts like “Face Yoga” and “Pre-Postnatal Yoga.” Her books and workshops have recently garnered attention for their holistic approach to well-being, focusing not only on physical health but also on emotional connection and self-care.

In her book Face Yoga With Me,” Alexandra introduces readers to a novel approach to healthy and glowing skin. The book encompasses facial exercises, massage techniques, and asanas, all tailored to benefit the skin and promote overall wellness. Alexandra’s philosophy centers around the idea that Face Yoga works in tandem with a healthy lifestyle, fostering positive changes that are observable through consistent commitment. “When you adopt a healthy lifestyle and commit yourself to the practice, you can witness the positive changes resulting from your efforts,” she emphasizes.

Alexandra’s expertise extends beyond face yoga, as showcased in her republished book Pre-Postnatal Yoga With Me.” Drawing from her personal experience of two pregnancies, she offers a comprehensive guide to safely practicing yoga during each trimester. This enriched edition not only benefits self-practicing expectant mothers but also provides valuable insights for yoga teachers. An innovative aspect of this book is its focus on co-practicing with babies during their first year of motherhood. Alexandra’s daughter, Eleana, played an integral role in the project, participating in photoshoots to help visualize safe practices for new mothers. “Co-practicing with your baby is an experience that goes beyond the ordinary,” Alexandra explains. “It’s about bonding, trust, and physical exercise between a mother and her child.”

Alexandra’s enthusiasm for her work is palpable, whether she’s discussing her Face Yoga techniques or the insights shared in her Pre-Postnatal Yoga book. “These practices are not just about physical benefits; they’re a journey of self-discovery and empowerment,” she expresses. Living in India for nearly a decade, she has made it her second home. While having a lot of free time at hand during Covid, she dug deeper into her passion for yoga. She coined the mantra “Come yog with me,” which became synonymous with her brand and identity.

“I believe in the transformative power of yoga, and it’s a privilege to share this journey with others,” Alexandra states. Her unique approach, blending ancient wisdom with modern applications, continues to inspire individuals seeking holistic wellness. 


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