Consultant by profession and a Promoter by passion, Gurumitulshah is one such person who will easily get you in the conversation, resulting into a promotional campaign for the next quarter.

With more than 14 years of professional experience in hospitality, he has managed more than 350 campaigns which include brands like Starbucks, Dine Out, Zomato, Cinepolis, KFC and much more. With the constantly changing markets and strategies, he ensures that the companies and brands follow the unconventional techniques to develop as sustainable businesses.

Brands need to think by going beyond your comfort zone and at OHMYF3! We do that every day. Our team works on unique and non-conventional campaigns that question the brand’s actual identity and help in connecting with your TG in your geographical location in the best possible way. That too with a lower cost compared to the conventional way. His brand OHMYF3! Dose not give you just a marketing plan but also helps you with Pre and Post execution of campaigns too. It can be Events, Social media awareness or just spreading word through mouth publicity.

“If you are not thinking about creating brand right now, You are walking backwards. We at OHMYF3! Sometimes combine traditional – modern techniques in designing campaigns and ensure it is executed well. As success of campaign relies upon more on execution than planning. So if your view is to be visible to your audience, we are just a call/ mail away.” Said Gurumitulshah.

Being one of the fastest-growing city, Surat is witnessing a huge transition in way of doing business. Online services have impacted almost all the industries. Local business are understanding the importance of brand building. And the credit goes to the third generation who is developing mindset above brand legacy and tradition. To help such mindsets, OHMYF3! Mostly serve service, FnB and retail industries. And with back to back brand campaigns they keep a track of trending content, brand tie ups, Competition and brand legacy. And behind all this the mind is Gurumitulshah, who himself is a known face in the city and promoter to more than 6 brands. He holds a good rapport with city’s best bloggers, influencers and brand owners, thus good campaigns are executed with excellent results.

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