What, Why, How?

“One small crack does not mean that you are broken, it means that you were put to the test and you didn’t fall apart.” These words by Linda Poindexter are something every soul at Moksha believes in. Moksha Foundation was launched in 2020 as a Non-Profitable Voluntary Organisation which aims to bring a meaningful change in the society by focusing on issues thatare hard to address by some people. Moksha’s motto is to connect with people, engage with them, and empower the communities to become healthy and create a positive change in the personal, social, and overall development of an individual to become a good and mindful citizen. Well now, what does Moksha exactly do? The voluntary team in Moksha works towards helping the youth struggling with Mental Discomfort, Depression, Anxiety, Sexual Identity Crisis, Career Shaping, Goal planning, Addiction of Toxicity any more such problems that they find difficult in resolving. And finally, how do people at Moksha do this? How do they bring all the words I said till now, into action? The very key to helping any individual going through any mental distress is by actively listening to them, by giving them a non-judgemental pair of ears and by showing empathy. Yes, Mokshakars believe in expressing empathy, Not Sympathy, BUT Empathy!

Who would have thought that a boy from the streets of Surat (A city in Gujarat, India) will walk in the campus of UN Foundations, New York; sip a cup of Tea with Indian Chakra on it while having a meeting with The Permanent Mission of India to the United Nations. Moksha is hence built by our very own, known and humble Abhishek Buddhadev, who today is working as a Project Leader in Pharma Firm; is a Founder of Moksha Foundation, Youth Delegate of European Union, did stimulation with the European Parliament Belgium, The National Assembly in Paris, EU in Strasbourg, also felicitated by the Indian Embassy in German Opinions have featured in many national and international newspapers and magazine-like Zee news & Vogue Italy and also in Consulate General of India, Frankfurt. Along with these, he has been holding his name on the World Book of Records, London for his dedicated and relentless commitment to the Covid-19 Pandemic services. Well, when we talk about his professional achievements, we can never forget to mention that Abhishek Buddhadev has not only conquered the world of business and politics but is also planning to take a toll on the world of entertainment. Yes, Abhishek Buddhadev is making his debut in a Netflix Web Series which is releasing in 2023 and shooting of which is making his life seem a lot fancy but in reality, is a lot frenetic.

And coming back to Abhishek’s foundation, it is expanded in 4 different countries, has over 200 active volunteers working in India, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States, and this year it was listed on the panel of the United Nations as well. This year in March 2022 Moksha collaborated with NYC Clean-Up Project and conducted activities and tried to spread the idea of not only having healthy mental health but also having a safe, secure, and sustainable Earth by conducting talk sessions and clean-up drives in Manhattan, New York City. Hence, I can proudly say that Moksha is all set to spread its wings across and take a rather boosted flight towards expanding its reach globally and worldwide concerning its mission, vision, and services. Priya Kundu, the HR of Moksha starting her Journey towards US, and going to spread the mental awareness on bigger prospect. Moksha is one of the best things happening to Abhishek Buddhadev end up by saying, which follow the motive of Light l Peace l Love.


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