Director Nikhil Sachan, an aspiring entrepreneur, founded Careerkick Services in India to provide exceptional guidance and advice to as many students as possible.

It’s crazy to think that a small number of people and professionals from different parts of the world have caused big changes and breakthroughs in their fields. Many of them are younger people who have stunned the world with the extraordinary progress and success they have brought to themselves, their companies, and their fields. It is important to shine a brighter light on the struggles and victories of these professionals, who have carved their own paths in life and given everything they had to achieve their own ideas of success. The Director of Careerkick Services, a young entrepreneur named Nikhil Sachan, also followed suit. His age is given as 24.

stands out from the competition as the country’s first and only reliable online career steering platform. The group’s goal is to help students who have a chance of doing well in their chosen fields. Nikhil Sachan came up with the idea, hoping that it would help guide young people toward a successful career. Their main areas of expertise are engineering and medicine, and they give students the best advice and information available, as well as detailed information about universities and colleges all over the country. In doing so, they provide a brighter future for young minds than has previously been possible.

Nikhil Sachan talks about how two things in his life led him to become a counsellor and start his own business, Careerkick Services. The first time this happened, his sister had excellent JEE and other competitive exam scores but was told they could only apply to community colleges because they were from Pukhrayan, a small town in Uttar Pradesh. The second time was when he and some of his friends lost a lot of money in what seemed to be a scam involving management quotas and donations to charity. This triggered a wave of deception that has since died out. Nikhil was so moved by this that he decided to start his own counseling service and provide internships to engineering students. After he graduated from the Galgotia College of Engineering in Uttar Pradesh (UP), he started Careerkick Services in 2017 and Ntechzy Pvt. Ltd. in 2021. Both of these companies are in the information technology industry.

They offer a wealth of resources to ambitious individuals as part of their Careerkick Services to help them take their professional lives to the next level. So far, more than 200,000 people have been accepted into the most selective public universities in the United States. Furthermore, they have collaborated with over 500 schools in India and around the world. Students can find the most up-to-date course materials on the website, and after going through the necessary counseling steps, they can have their enrollment at the college or university of their choice officially confirmed. Because of the channel’s informative videos on the YouTube channel, over a lakh people have subscribed.

Nikhil Sachan has accomplished a lot during his time at Careerkick Services (@careerkickservices), where he has assisted many students in achieving their career objectives.


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