Sneakout is a peer-to-peer travel brand that prioritises natural conservation via sustainable practices and responsible travelling. This rapidly growing company is also a community, bringing like-minded travellers together. Started in late 2022, the budding startup connects eco-conscious adventurers with unique camping and outdoor experiences.

Sneakout already has links to over 50 experiences under their radar and they include diverse scenic beauties in India, Bali, East Java, and Turkey. Much to the joy of adventurers, the travel brand will soon be connecting them with hosts from Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Kazakhstan.

Travel Alternatives

Sneakout has been swimming against the wave, offering a refreshing alternative to mainstream, carbon-heavy tourism. Some of their values that are gradually transforming the travel industry:

  • Sustainable Stays: This India-based travel partners with eco-minded landowners committed to preserving their natural spaces. Travellers can escape their busy lives by camping at pristine private lands or lodging in local homestays amidst the rustic beauty of nature. 
  • Exclusive Eco-Adventures: Sneakout has curated a list of outdoor expeditions like trekking, snorkelling, and wildlife safaris, with sustainable practices at their core. Each adventure minimises resource consumption and boosts responsible engagement with local ecosystems.
  • Carbon Footprint Transparency: Sneakout champions informed travel. Every listing displays an approximate carbon footprint, empowering travellers to make conscious choices that align with their eco-values.
  • Community Impact: Choosing Sneakout means supporting local communities directly. The booking fees benefit owners of local eco-lodges, jungle resorts, and homestays and contribute to conservation efforts.

Responsible Camping

Sneakout lets responsible travellers pitch their tent or park their caravan on private properties across stunning landscapes, from rolling farmlands to secluded forests. This travel brand acts as an Airbnb of camping in India, meaning people owning land or a caravan can connect with the team. That way Sneakout will be able to connect the landowners to eager travellers who want to camp in their yard or land.

Thus, adventure-loving travellers can place their bookings after going through the camping site listings on Sneakout’s portal. The travel brand ensures the ‘Do-it-yourself’ camping is safe and secure.

Each listing is carefully curated to reduce environmental impact, focusing on sustainable practices and minimal carbon footprints. In other words, travellers can enjoy the tranquillity of nature and leave no trace while travelling.

Transparent Brand

Sneakout, a budding startup, affirms transparency for its partners and customers. Their website offers an estimated carbon footprint of each campsite, property, and even outdoor adventure activity before the traveller book. 

Unique Travel Stays

The platform features exclusive eco-friendly and energy-efficient properties like jungle resorts, homestays, and even treehouses, offering unique overnight stays immersed in nature. The brand is also opting for alternative forms of navigating the wildlife, like exploring the jungle by foot or by canoe, so as not to disrupt animal behaviour or cause disturbances in their habitat.

A Traveller’s Community

Sneakout is more than just a booking platform; it’s a common platform. It connects responsible travellers with indigenous landowners who share their passion for protecting the environment.

Sneakout is championing the movement of responsible travel that comes with sustainable plans and practices. By choosing this company, passengers can be a part of this impactful travel-style that will eventually make a difference in the world.


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