Ahmedabad | Copenhagen | San Francisco : KCS, the leading digital transformation company, announced today a strategic partnership with BotSupply, a fast-growing Copenhagen-based startup delivering a unique chatbot platform, conversational UX, and cutting-edge conversational AI. Through several implementations with Fortune 1000 brands across industries, BotSupply has helped create engaging and relevant customer experiences for clients worldwide. 

KCS is teaming with BotSupply to jointly bring their products to existing and prospective customers in a number of countries worldwide, including India.

KCS Partners with Leading Conversational AI-based Multilingual Bot Provider BotSupply to Create the CX for the Future
KCS Partners with Leading Conversational AI-based Multilingual Bot Provider BotSupply to Create the CX for the Future

Tanuj Singh, Chief Growth Officer of KCS, says the partnership means more value for customers: “I am delighted that KCS has partnered with BotSupply. We have been helping customers across industries from retail to healthcare; achieve greater agility through transformed and automated customer experiences for over 19 years. Today we’re helping the world’s leading brands ensure every customer has an amazing experience. With this partnership, KCS will be providing its global customers with a layer of AI and multilingual bot capability in 30+ languages that will drastically impact experiences for customers. For customers in India, we would be able to support them in languages’ including Hindi and Hinglish, which is more commonly used by millennials.”

KCS is all set to create new higher benchmarks in delivering value to our CX clients. Our team is dedicated to providing world-class solutions to our top global clients, and this partnership reinforces that commitment.”

Francesco Stasi, Co-Founder & CEO, BotSupply explains how customers benefit: “By partnering with KCS we can together drive the benefits of technology across industries. In times like today, where businesses want to be closer than ever to their customers and employees, user experience has become crucial. We have helped Hospitals and Pharma launch bots to help the medical staff easily access patient data to assist their patients better. Our chatbots are powered by our propriety NLP (Natural language processing), and we want to bring Hindi, Hinglish, and a whole suite of Indian languages to KCS customers.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with a forward-looking organization like KCS to bring BotSupply solution to India and some of the countries worldwide. KCS has “unparalleled breadth and depth of capabilities spanning customer experience, data, technology, design and consulting.”

The growth of BotSupply is white-hot, thanks in part to Oracle. Built on top of Oracle Cloud, the bot platform is seeing a lot of traction from Oracle clients around the globe. Both KCS and BotSupply are members of the Oracle Partner Network.

For more information on how KCS and BotSupply are reimagining the customer experience, visit www.kcsitglobal.com and www.botsupply.ai


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