Surat, (Gujarat), [India], January 18, 2024– Amidst the chaos, a compelling saga of determination and quality craftsmanship unfolds as La Fabrila, a men’s wear brand, in the Silk city – Surat. Founded by Mr. Ankit Dobariya, this brand is not merely a response to necessity but a manifestation of the unyielding spirit of its creator.

In the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, a period steeped in despair, Mr Dobariya embarked on a journey that would reshape his destiny and leave an enduring imprint on men’s fashion industry.

With a humble investment of 5000 rupees, Mr. Ankit established La Fabrila within an 8*8 feet office space. This space mirrored the scale of his dreams, motivating him to set a better future. The vision was clear – to deliver men’s wear of the best quality to withstand with time.

In the early days, Mr Ankit, driven by passion, personally undertook delivery responsibilities, covering a radius of 25 kilometres to ensure the safe delivery of every parcel. A turning point occurred when Mr Ankit solicited reviews and suggestions during his delivery rounds, a practice uncommon at the time. It endeared La Fabrila to its customers and spurred the brand’s growth: genuine customer feedback, fine-tuned products, and positive word of mouth spread like wildfire.

From the outset, La Fabrila committed itself to an uncompromising quality standard. The team toiled tirelessly, ensuring that each garment bearing the La Fabrila label was committed to excellence. This dedication to quality swiftly became the brand’s hallmark.

La Fabrila, synonymous with trust, quality, and enduring fashion, evolved ahead as a brand – it became a promise. Over five years of relentless effort, Mr. Ankit and his team poured their heart and soul into La Fabrila. Boasting an annual turnover of 52 crores, La Fabrila is a narrative of triumph against adversity, a tale of transforming dreams into reality, one stitch at a time.

La Fabrila has cultivated a thriving community with over 20.2k Instagram followers—a joyous family celebrating fashion and the enduring values of trust and quality. La Fabrila is a journey, a story, and an embodiment of timeless elegance. Established in 2019, the company’s unique designs, quality assurance, repeated customer base and buyers’ trust in prepaid orders underline its distinctive identity.

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