New Delhi, [India], April 11, 2024: Is reaching the potential adult growth difficult? This fight has been acknowledged by Long Looks, a leading Ayurvedic brand of growth supplements. Founded in 2000 by Dr. B.L. Aggarwal, a visionary dedicated to natural health, this brand offers a solution rooted in ancient wisdom.

Dr. Aggarwal created Long Looks contrary to market assumptions, which were built through years of research. At a health expo in Delhi, the product had a strong impact with viewers despite initial doubts. This was the start of an incredible adventure, as Long Looks soon won over the hearts of young Indians and gained worldwide acclaim.

Long Looks has maintained its position as an industry leader for more than 20 years. However, this brand measures success differently than sales numbers. It’s about empowering individuals to attain their full potential, as evidenced by the countless lives Long Looks has touched. Dr. Aggarwal’s story embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship – a pursuit of a vision that redefines possibilities. 

Long Looks distinguishes itself by meeting a range of needs. The brand’s reach was increased in 2009 when Dr. Purushotam Aggarwal, the son of Dr. B.L. Aggarwal, inherited management. He led the creation of Long Looks Powder, a delectable chocolate-flavoured option that was introduced in 2023 and appealed to a younger demographic in recognition of shifting consumer tastes.

This ayurvedic brand is aware of how crucial it is to maintain relationships. By adopting a direct-to-consumer strategy in 2021, it has successfully established a strong community. The company’s position as an industry leader was cemented by interesting social media videos that received over 25 million views and endorsements from influential people.

The two foundations of Long Looks’ ongoing success are quality and trust. The AYUSH Department has further approved its formulas, which give priority to natural and safe ingredients. Overtime, Long Looks garnered over 20,000 good reviews on prominent e-commerce sites, demonstrating its commitment to honesty and 24/7 customer service.

As Long Looks embarks on its next chapter, its core values remain constant. Using both contemporary science and the knowledge of Ayurveda, it seeks to develop holistic wellness solutions. It enables people to attain optimal outcomes and lead a more meaningful and healthful life by utilising the power of nature’s purity.


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