No geographical boundaries can limit the spread of love through music. Be it a toddler or a grandsire, a genre lately known to get everyone on their feet is RAP and when it comes to that, Sagar R is all set to offer the best of it.

“Rap has had its Rollercoaster ride of emotions passed through decades,  whether that’s Eminem’s truth or Badshah’s Swag. They’ve all inspired me in some way”, He Says.

Sagar R went away to Canada at the age of 14 for further studies and now has come back home. Being born into the Ramsay family, creativity came naturally to him.

During the recent pandemic, when it seems like the world was crumbling around, it was important to find something still standing. For Sagar R, that was finding the love and passion to create music.

So by letting his creative side out, he finally came up with his debut track “Bujhaade”, a track with the sole purpose of making people dance, be it on a beach, in a nightclub, or on a trip with friends.

Every beat and word of the track guarantees to get you moving and grooving. Releasing on December 15, 2022, on Zee Music.

You can also hear it on Spotify, JioSaavn, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Wynk and Bollywood Hungama.

The track considers all age groups in it’s attempt to make people’s day a bit brighter.

Having said that, Bujhaade is a blend of talent meeting hardwork. Sagar R is been talk of the table before release itself.

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a music fan. It’s time to encourage new talents and do justice to Bujhaade.

Bujhaade you guys! On Zee Music -15/12/22, save the date. Excitement has never looked so good.

The Instagram page @ramsaysagar by Sagar R is a 10/10 recommended for checking teasers and upcoming updates.

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