Don’t pay for your upcoming party and surprises. Reign like a King! King don’t beg; they decree.

Please bring in the revolution and let’s go for the game as with startups, your life is at ease forever. Explore endless possibilities to live your Pinterest dream with Bunny Bash!

Don’t be vague. Life’s pretty straight without surprises. Ask for theme-based unique props or setups for birthday parties, baby showers, bachelorettes, Haldi and engagement and here we come! Portable themes, ideal for both indoors and outdoors, is what the world was waiting for. Whoosh! Get it ready within just 30 minutes.

Thirty minutes might sound like some ‘Pizza Brand’! Yes, Bunny Bash wishes to be the fast food of the party industry. Anurag Singh, founder and mentor of Bunny Bash, hopes to create a scalable business model which allows you to live in your “No dependency” world and unleash your creativity.

Grab life and now host private and cosy parties at home, on hilltops or in any remote place and enjoy the science of taking no strain. These setups are portable and foldable, allowing you to carry them in your car or bike.

Bunny Bash promotes and celebrates DIY (Do It Yourself) culture and encourages creative people to create their dream theme party how they wish and save up to 70% on setup service.

You’ll look a little lovelier each day as you create memories of being a part of the celebration, which fits the bill.

Anticipate the sound of the future, and save your time on coordination, supervision, and approvals to vendors or event management companies.

Curate a trendy thematic boho dinner, different setups using macrame, teepee tent, and all-time favourite themes like jungle, unicorn, casino, cowgirl, chess, underwater, mermaid, car and 100+ innovative setups in just less than 30 minutes.

Celebrate your career success, welcome your guests, surprise your loved ones, celebrate festivals with friends or throw a party for a cause; exploring and renting individual theme props and backdrops feel magic. What more! You can explore and experience the rentals over the website or visit the experience centre in Bengaluru.

Bunny Bash has a premium collection of theme-based MDF cutouts, wooden backdrops, cake tables, table decor props, artificial flowers, neon & wooden signages, portable dining tables, theme dinnerware, theme photoshoot backdrops and props, decorative brass elements, theme soft toys, carnival games, mobile sound system, food stall equipment like popcorn, cotton candy, chocolate fountain etc.

It’s fast; it’s furious! Bunny Bash wishes to scale through the franchisee model. Have a break – this easy breezy concept is a pickup-and-drop store model where customers can experience the props, mix and match to create their theme, book their rental packages or pick individual props.


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