In the digital age, where cybercrimes have become a significant threat, individuals like Pandey Saket have emerged as unsung heroes in the battle against cyber threats. With his exceptional expertise in cyber crime investigation, Saket has been instrumental in helping the Gujarat Police, Surat, combat various forms of cybercrimes, ranging from loan frauds to sextortion and job scams. His contributions in analyzing malware and utilizing Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) have made him a valuable asset in the fight against cybercriminals. Furthermore, his commitment to educating and raising awareness about cyber threats has led him to deliver seminars on behalf of the State Cyber Cell, CID Gujarat.

Assisting in Solving Loan Frauds, Sextortion, and Job Frauds:

Pandey Saket has been a crucial ally for the Gujarat Police in solving complex cases of loan frauds, where perpetrators exploit unsuspecting individuals for financial gain. His expertise in digital forensics and cyber crime investigation has helped unravel intricate financial scams, enabling law enforcement to apprehend the culprits and bring justice to the victims. Additionally, Saket’s involvement in investigating cases related to sextortion and job frauds has safeguarded innocent individuals from falling prey to online predators and fraudulent employment schemes.

Analyzing Malware and Enhancing Cybersecurity:

Saket’s proficiency in malware analysis has played a pivotal role in identifying and mitigating sophisticated cyber threats. By dissecting malicious software, he has assisted the Gujarat Police in understanding the mechanisms employed by cybercriminals to compromise systems and networks. This knowledge has allowed the authorities to fortify their cybersecurity infrastructure, preventing future attacks and protecting sensitive data of individuals and organizations.

Leveraging Open Source Intelligence (OSINT):

Utilizing his expertise in OSINT, Saket has been an invaluable asset to the Gujarat Police in gathering intelligence from publicly available sources. By effectively analyzing and harnessing information from social media, websites, and online platforms, he has aided in identifying cybercriminals and their modus operandi. This has significantly enhanced the investigative capabilities of the police, enabling them to take proactive measures and prevent cybercrimes before they occur.

Delivering Seminars for Cybersecurity Awareness:

Recognizing the importance of education and awareness in combating cyber threats, Saket has taken on the responsibility of delivering seminars on cyber security. Through these informative sessions, he has enlightened individuals, organizations, and government agencies about the risks associated with the digital world and ways to safeguard themselves from cybercrimes. His efforts in collaboration with the State Cyber Cell, CID Gujarat, have raised awareness and fostered a culture of cyber vigilance among the public.


Pandey Saket’s contributions as a cybersecurity expert have significantly strengthened the capabilities of the Gujarat Police, Surat, in their fight against cybercrimes. From unraveling loan frauds to analyzing malware and delivering seminars on cyber security, his multifaceted skills have been instrumental in protecting individuals, organizations, and the overall integrity of the digital ecosystem. Saket’s dedication and expertise serve as an inspiration for others, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in building a safer cyber landscape.


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