Food security is the biggest challenge world is facing and farmers are the best option available to provide solution to this problem.  Farmers believe producing more food is there responsibility towards humanity. Farmers are trying to maintain enough food so that a person can maintain proper diet and proper lifestyle. According to food and agriculture organization, we need to produce 70 percent more food in next 40 years in order to meet growing population.

“Options available”

We have two options available so as to increase our food production. First by increasing land and second by increasing production on existing land by sustainable agriculture growth.  The challenge on increasing land is that there is not enough land available for agriculture. Right now there is 1.6 billion hectares of land used for cultivation and there is estimate that another 70 million hectares is available for cultivation. Most of the countries are producing yield which are below their capability. 

“Everyone should be responsible”

India is one of the biggest exporter of food commodity and as a leading supplier of commercial fertilizer, we take responsibility by maintaining shoulder to shoulder with farmers. As we started dealing with Eyevee International, one of the leading brand in world dealing mostly with European countries, our biggest priority was quality and to supply proper nutrition requires for sustainable agriculture. We process through many quality checks so that we can be responsible in helping farmers by increasing their commercial production. We always try that Eyevee international can contribute more and more towards world’s food security.

Importance of fertigation on human health

Fertilisers are critical in producing more food to the world. Research shows 40 tp 60 percent of sale productions in the world is directly attributed to the use of commercial fertilizers. We can never increase our sale without use of fertilizers and we should use them in proper way. As a leading supplier of commercial fertilizer our goal is to provide complete nutrients to farmers. We believe farmers can produce more yield by applying less nutrients. Eyevee international data on European farmers shows that by using proper nutrients we can increase our yield and also become responsible towards human health. Fertilizer need to work in conjunction with improved plant genetics.

Lastly, climate and environment should never be challenged while increasing world’s food production.

About the author

YASH DAVE Authorized supplier of Eyevee international in India, one of the biggest fertilizer brand in the world.


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