Young and passionate Praharshita, creates entertaining and informational content and has reached out to people in the hope of making lives better for others. She has a dynamic personality and so far, she has reached out to 15.2k followers on Instagram, plus 2,602 followers on her extended Travel and Food Blog/Vlog on Instagram.

Interviewer: So Praharshita, please tell me about yourself and your exciting journey so far.

Praharshita: I’m a lawyer, and a Digital Creator or Social Media Influencer. I’m currently residing in Hyderabad. I hold two graduate degrees, in BA Mass Communication with Journalism, English Literature, and Social Management from St. Francis College for Women, and Bachelor of Law from Pendekanti Law College. Right after my graduation, I interned with VJ Mathew & Co. International Law Firm for 4 months this year. I always had an interest in social media and creating online content. During last year’s lockdown, I started channelling my skills and focused on creating content on Instagram. I just knew I found something that I truly love and started doing it with all my energy and creativity. Since then, I decided to create more content about travel, fashion, self-awareness, brand promos, & more.

Interviewer: What is the best thing about being an influencer?

Praharshita: I feel a sense of responsibility towards the people who look up to me. This fuels me and makes me a better human being. I always try to learn and enhance my knowledge and hone my skills.

Interviewer: What’s your objective?

Praharshita: To connect with people at all levels. Stay real. I believe in honesty, authenticity, transparency, and hard work.

Interviewer: Which brands have you collaborated with?

Praharshita: I have collaborated with brands such as Mcaffine, Bioderma, Ozvia, Mojobox, Giva, JSP Honda, PVR (a mix of barter & paid collaborations), and many more. I have also run campaigns for Lays, Kurkure, Pepsi, and Clovia Fashions.

Interviewer: How has your family reacted to you being an influencer? Are they supportive of your choice?

Praharshita: My family has been very supportive. My sisters encouraged me to become an influencer.  I’m really grateful for their love and support.

Interviewer: What would you do if you were not an influencer?

Praharshita: I’m a lawyer; I can join any law firm, or start one myself. I’ll be pursuing my Masters in Maritime Law in UK. I believe in balancing things. I will simultaneously be pursuing my career as an experienced lawyer, as well as an influencer.

Interviewer: I have come across some photos and videos with your pets, tell me something about them.

Praharshita: Well I had two pets. I lost Pebby (Pom) just last year after 13 glorious years. Currently, I have Rambo (GSD), who is always by my side. For me, my dogs are like my babies. I love them & we have an amazing bond that only death can tear us apart!

Interviewer: Your extended Instagram account is about Food, Recipes, and Travel. First, tell us about your food diaries.

Praharshita: I love food! I’m a vegetarian and a great foodie. I love visiting new or famous restaurants and experiencing with their food &lovely ambiance. I also love cooking and experimenting with a variety of recipes. My Mom is a great cook and she has taught me how to cook for my survival (laughing), especially when I travel or go abroad. I also have my own website called ‘Dups Delicacies’ and I just wanted to keep all the recipes in one place, like an online diary.

Interviewer: How many countries have you visited so far?

Praharshita: I have visited 5 countries: the USA, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.    

Interviewer: How does Social media fit into your growth plan?

Praharshita: Like everything has two sides, even social media has a positive and negative impact on the mind. It depends on us, how and what we would choose to take ahead and lead our lives into becoming a better person each day with all the positivity we learn, gain & experience.

Interviewer: Have you used the Instagram product reel? Tell us about your experience.

Praharshita: Yes! Reels are a great way to reach out to my audience. I really enjoy creating reels.

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