Delphic Council of Maharashtra has launched India’s first confluence of Art forms by the name of “Timeless Expressions” to celebrate the 27th Anniversary of the International Delphic Council. The celebration started from the 15th Of Dec’21 to 21st December 21 where different states are hosting the event on different days. This is to contribute to the years of bringing peace and harmony through art and culture. Indian Delphic Council has joined hands with the state council to bring forth the celebration in India. Maharashtra under the guidance and leadership of Shri Sahil Seth IRS, the president of council has concluded a super success event.

President of council Shri Sahil Seth has launched their first magazine called “Reflections of Maharashtra” by Sakshi Tanwar. This is the time when the cover theme song hasbeen launched, composed by Fuzon and sung by multiple artists including individual singers from across India, Maldives, and Egypt.

Sunil Shetty is the brand ambassador for this Maharashtra Delphic.

The President of Delphic Council of Maharashtra, Shri Sahil Seth IRS has been able to pull off the event and hopes to continue to celebrate this every year introducing culture and art to people across the country. Sahil Seth, IRS, joint commissioner rank officer in the department of GST and Customs,

Sahil Seth,  the President of the Delphic Council of Maharashtra He always appreciated art and that also got him into making his debut appearance in the movie “Bal Naren” playing the role of a village physician. On this occasion he mentioned, “Being part of Delphic has been an eye-opening journey for me and in the past 6 months we have been able to align with many art lovers and artists and we realized there is so much more to do. Today’s event was just a curtain-raiser of our plans and everyone can look forward to many path-breaking activities and festivities in every part of Maharashtra.”

The event is planned by Shri Sahil Seth IRS introducing the renowned violinist Sunita Khaund Bhuyan followed by a collaboration video by a few Korean Artists. This is a duo song by Korean artists who not just sang Korean but also a Hindi song. The day is executed further by talented actor Sakshi Tanwar along with Guru T Ladakhi reciting poems. The event is also organizing a fashion show by Amy Bilimoria and lead by Zareen Khan as showstopper.

The history of the Delphic Movement stands on the ground that it is a non-government, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian, non-religious organization that nurtures Art and Culture across the globe. Based on this the Delphic games were arranged first in Greece 2500 years ago, the twin-sister of the Olympic Games. India even has participated in the same for 3 editions of the games winning gold and silver medals in South Korea and Malaysia. The categories include Musical Arts and Sounds (singing, instrumental music, electronic sounds), Performing Arts (dance, theatre, circus, puppetry), Language Arts (literature, poetry, moderation), Visual Arts (painting, graphics, sculpture, installation, fashion, photography), Social Arts (communications, Internet, media, pedagogic, didactic) and Ecological Arts & Architecture (urban planning, landscaping, preservation and conservation of nature, monuments). Alongside the cultural showcase is celebrated only for visual introduction instead of a competition. The idea of this is to co-learn and understand the art and culture of different countries.

This event has been bringing in a lot of education for people across the globe alongside promoting harmony through co-learning and adapting.


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