Rohan Sahu, 23 years old, is a youth from Mumbai who is the owner and director of Solution Mediatech, a media company with all in one 360 degree solution for every media and internet elite passage.

Rohan Sahu holds a degree of B.Tech in computer engineering and is an excellent manifest in managing the sales and marketing intake of his company by using his self-deployable skills and associations. Knowing the importance of networks and alliances, Rohan Sahu crosses the grade by establishing some noteworthy acquaintances in his proper.

Rohan Sahu has been the receiver of many felicitations and awards on various college events. Belonging to the new generation, Rohan Sahu commands his potential and relishes life with the best life offers.

With the love and support of his family and his father as his idol, Rohan Sahu is a firm believer in efforts and dedication that one must put in, in order to achieve or in order to bring you a step closer to your goals.

It is Rohan Sahu’s dream to set up a big multi-specialty hospital with diversified treatments facilities available at affordable rates. He hustles relentlessly, imposing calmness and patience attributable to get him to where he wants himself to be.

Rohan Sahu believes in the inclination of the rights and chores of life. But he also believes in the opportunity and strength life commands. Thus, Rohan Sahu relishes life as it is, making the best out it and emerging as the winner in the fair game he plays, in the fair share he says.

To know more about Rohan Sahu and his journey follow him on instagram through the link given below:

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