The young and dynamic Rishi Saxena, who did his electronic and communication engineering, joined the Bollywood film industry at a very young age, and has made his mark in all arenas wherever he has been involved. Speaking to the entertainment media here in Mumbai, he said, “I believe in my passion to create soulful music that can connect me to every generation.”

Singing and my love for music have helped me make a mark in Bollywood. Every creation of mine is driven by a great love for music, which has also helped me get through tough times in life. When asked about direction during a media interaction with an entertainment journalist, he says, “I believe in my vision, and I know how to tell a good story.” I always believe in pushing my creative boundaries beyond their limits. As an actor, the best is yet to come, and you will see some of the best performances in my upcoming projects. Prior to this pandemic, some of my production work was held up for some time. Now my projects are on the right track. Being in a professional field, it’s our job to see everything that’s happening around us and maintain a sense of clarity, no matter how chaotic things get. And you know, being in the creative circle, I always try to put some out-of-the-box creative ideas in my creations, and this time you will also see some great creativity under my production banner, R S Movie Images, which has its own official YouTube channel under the name of RSMI Entertainment. “Whenever a scene is more challenging, the more fun it is because of the more effort and hard work I put into it,” he explained. Rishi Saxena’s production banner, “R S Movie Images,” has been working on many projects in different parts of the world.

About the work profile Rishi was last seen in the music albums Chaahat, O Bekhabar, and Dil Ye Mera. As a producer, director, actor, and singer, he is the one who brings everything together, whether at onset or in the editing room. In the end, he said any creative creation is a collaborative art, and the credit goes to all my team members who have been working day and night under my production banner.

At present, Rishi Saxena is working on various Bollywood music albums in different capacities as an actor, director, singer, and producer, and he has also announced that his upcoming music video, HUM DUM, under his banner, will be released soon.


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