Hyderabad, Telangana : Rotary Club of Hyderabad Deccan embarks on “Mission Oxygen Support” and provides 70 Personal Oxygen Concentrators, including 40 to Rural areas for free use.

Oxygen, Oxygen, Oxygen!!! It is abundantly avaialble in air. But, today, there is an acute shortage of Medical Oxygen. COVID-19 infected patients are gasping for air. Oxygen has become an emergency.

In the light of this situation, The Rotary Club of Hyderabad Deccan (RCHD)has initiatedproject “Mission Oxygen Support”.  It is an initiative of The Helping Hands of Rotary Trust.It is a project of Rotary Dist 3150.

Under this project, RCHD is now ready to provide 30 Personal Oxygen Concentrators for free usage for the deserving and needy. Another 40 Personal Oxygen Concentratorsare to be given in rural areas of Telagana and AP, under the DARE PROJECT partnering with Rural Rotary Clubs.

People in urban Cities like Hyderabad get a lot of help and support from various quarters for almost everything.  But, support like Personal Oxygen Concentrators was something urgently required  and arranging 40 Personal Oxygen Concentrators for free use by people in rural areas is very noteworthy and impactful.

Shortness of breath is a severe COVID-19 symptom. It is the most dangerous and feared consequence of catching COVID. Personal Oxygen Concentrators are the need of the hour.

Rotary is supporting to fight the condition with World Class Products.The Mission Oxygen Support is to help covid victims to overcome breathlessness, breathing difficulties and shortness of breath.

Let no one struggle with their breathing and die for shortage of Oxygen.


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