Rahul’s Academy of Roller Skating (RARS) shines as a great place, thanks to the leadership of Mr P. Rahul Pandian. With more than 18 years of experience in the field, he is a well-known skater in India, represented the country at the 2016 World Roller Speed Skating Championship in Nanjing, China, and the Flanders Grand Prix Championship in 2018 in Oostende, Belgium. Now, he’s focused on helping skaters with professional coaching and guidance in racing techniques at RARS.

Rahul Pandian, the coach and driving force behind RARS, shares his insights on the academy’s journey. Started in 2015, RARS has been instrumental in helping its peers achieve a remarkable record of accomplishment. Since 2017, the academy has dedicatedly worked towards heralding additional skaters into the limelight. With branches in Coimbatore, Tirupur, and Ooty, RARS boasts an impressive roster of over 1000 skaters.

Reflecting on the evolution of the sport, Mr Rahul Pandian notes a significant shift in the dynamics. His skating journey took him eight years to secure a federation national medal. However, under his coaching and the guidance of other well-known coaches at RARS, kids are now achieving federation national medal status before they even turn six. This remarkable feat is attributed to the top-notch facilities and progressive coaching syllabus implemented at RARS.

RARS takes pride in being under the direct control of its head coach, Mr. Rahul Pandian. The academy’s branches follow a curriculum designed by Mr. Rahul Pandian himself, ensuring a progressive and kid-friendly approach to roller skating education.

He points out that the process has become more accessible and accelerated, with kids achieving national champion status at an early age. The academy’s success is in producing skilled skaters and fostering an environment where every child can discover their potential and thrive.

With a mission to impart technical and life skills, RARS strives to shape well-rounded individuals who carry the spirit of sportsmanship into their daily lives. The academy’s commitment to its mission is reflected in the success stories of its young champions, proving that the impact extends far beyond the roller rink.

Rahul’s Academy of Roller Skating, led by the international skater Mr Rahul Pandian, focuses on providing top-notch coaching, a progressive syllabus, and fostering a passion for the sport. As RARS continues to grow and inspire, it stands as hope for aspiring young skaters across Coimbatore, Tirupur, and Ooty, proving that the journey to success becomes thrilling and achievable with the right mentorship.

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