Match 45 of the Indian Premier League 2023 was interrupted due to downpour but witnessed a fanfare like never before as Chennai Super Kings stepped into the ground to go head to head against Lucknow Super Giants at the Ekana Cricket Stadium, Lucknow on May 3. The crowd painted the stands yellow as they showed up wearing CSK colours and holding posters of their favourite player with the slogan, ‘Dhoni Ki Jhalak Sabse Alag’. During the match, the whole stadium flaunted these posters and enthusiastically cheered as the broadcast cameras panned towards them to capture picture-perfect moments. Watching this display of craze and affection the fans had for the captain of CSK, even the official commentator for the match, Aakash Chopra exclaimed, ‘Thala Ki Jhalak Sabse Alag’

In the match, CSK won the toss and chose to field. With every falling wicket, the energy in the crowd surged and the posters were lifted high above the heads. As the match escalated so did the excitement of the audience, but this electric atmosphere was thwarted by the arrival of heavy downpour. By the 19th over of the first innings, it had started to rain. The pitch was immediately covered and the match was stopped, but even this could not deter the fan spirit of the audience who had come from all around the country to watch their heroes play. The crowd started to chant at the top of their voices, “Dhoni ki Jhalak Sabse Alag”, “Jaddu Ki Jhalak Sabse Alag” and many more in the hopes that the match would resume as usual. A section of the fans hilariously attempted to recreate their own version of the disappointed cricket fan meme in the stadium as well to express their dismay over the interrupted match. The letdown was overcome by the infectious energy of the crowd that danced and rejoiced in the pouring rain as the DJ played their favourite tracks.

At the end, the match was washed off but the excitement of the crowd turned a lot of heads. Even the DJ instructed got everyone to cheer for themselves and the players in their style as he roared, ‘Lucknow Ki Jhalak’, and the audience thundered, ‘Sabse Alag’.


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