Mumbai Food Trail, one of the most iconic Instagram food pages, handled by Sameer and Parimita, are one of the most well known and influential food bloggers. Their ever-growing Instagram and the best of recommendations shows just how passionate this couple is when it comes to their work and how dedicated they are. The two tend to challenge their own work to try and bring out much better and truly the best content for their audience.

This power couple started their journey a few years ago with nothing but their love for food and with time, they’ve grown with the family of 124k+ followers on Instagram! This Mumbai based couple brings out the best of gems that you can find in Mumbai. Sameer and Parimita, the married power couple, love to travel and explore new places all the time. They’ve been to different cities over the years, and their honest reviews have helped many to choose just the right place to fulfil their food cravings. Their consistency and will to always give the best to their audience is what makes them truly amazing. Sameer and Parimita have worked with numerous brands and outlets over the years, and with that they bring true and valuable reviews to their audience. Their bluntness, the keen will to portray a very transparent image for the people who follow them, is one of the traits every influencer/blogger should really have.

Sameer and Parimita, along with being the couple food bloggers that they are, are young parents to their lovely baby boy. Being young parents is tough since it also brings about many more responsibilities, but Sameer and Parimita are just iconic and inspiring when it comes to managing and prioritising their professional and personal life. In fact, they let their audience in through their journey of parenthood and have shared this beautiful experience with them alongside. And the love and positive response that they have received is one of the reasons why the two are always up motivated and enthusiastic. “It’s a pure joy to know that people are enjoying your content and are in-fact loving the places that you’ve recommended, and the satisfaction that we feel is incredible,” says Sameer and Parimita and truly, it’s an undeniable satisfaction to have people love your work and this iconic couple always tend to outdo their own work to bring out the best for their audience.

Get your daily cravings fulfilled with Sameer and Parimita and find them on Instagram @mumbaifoodtrail. Sameer Parimita’s reviews and recommendations are all you need to checklist your most anticipated food outlets to visit.


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