A relationship is what you make it. While we all know that True Love is bliss, Unfortunately, we don’t realize and we think Love is just a kiss. A healthy relationship is a morale booster for anyone amid chaos. True love is very different from what the world thinks Love to be today. Love is an emotion that inspires us to ultimately achieve the purpose of life. True Love gives us happiness, something each human being seeks. True love gives peace. But why it’s becoming an illusion to many these days? Out of ignorance, we misunderstand the meaning and essence of True Love and hence we also miss the bliss it creates. So let’s understand what are the ingredients of true love :

  1. Empathy: In any relationship, you need to know how to get through to your partner. Always remember that the value of your relationship is more important than the issues in your argument. True Lovers understand and are compassionate about each other. They share their life and whatever belongs to them, is joint. The moment ego enters a relationship, it spoils everything.
  2. Give Space and Time: Many continue to quit a relationship because their partner is in a challenging stage of growth. Successful love takes work and it takes two people who are committed to working things amidst challenges that come their way. Real love will endure & persevere all challenges regardless of circumstance. Also, it is very important to understand that you and your partner will grow at different rates and times. One issue may be easier for you to deal with and may take more time for your partner. So be encouraging and patient, and give space and time.
  3. Trust: As the saying goes “ You can have a love for somebody you don’t trust, but it is impossible to be in love with somebody you don’t trust “, Trust is sacred when it comes to true love. Without trust, most lovers are governed by fear. Trust that your partner makes good decisions, trust that your partner has good intentions, and trust that your partner doesn’t give up on you.
  4. Watch your tongue: Be careful of what you say. Just because you’re upset and get carried away in a fight is no excuse to assassinate your loved one’s character. Sticks and stones may break you once but words always have the potential of creating deep & irreversible hurts. Nasty remarks can be devastating.
  5. Fight a good fight: No true love is without conflict, a difference of opinion, or preferences. Conflicts that create anger and abuse are not good for any relationship. Even if you get angry, express it constructively. The sign of a good fight is that you both feel you have discovered something you know one another better. In any fight don’t say anything you feel like, be specific with your complaints, let the other person’s word sink in before you take up the cudgel, and most important please go easy with your honey.
  6. Forgive One Another: As the quote goes” Forgiveness is the virtue of the brave”, Be brave and learn to forgive. This requires emotional maturity and willingness to move into the future. To forgive is to start over, in a different place, to behave from the depths of your heart as if the bad thing never occurred. When you forgive that will allow the bad things to blow away like milkweed floss in the mind.

So, If you understand all these ingredients of true love, then you will be well on your way to a perfect relationship – not only with your partner but with yourself too. If only we realize the Truth and discover the True Love that is bliss, Love from the Soul, Our life can be transformed. We can Love one and all as the Divine, we can feel Love as a positive emotion and this can create true bliss in our life.


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