Have you ever considered pursuing your childhood hobby on a larger scale? The majority of us have fantasised about doing so, but most of the time it remains only a fantasy and fades away over time in the busyness of today’s world. Today we have with us Shaurya Nagpal, founder of Scale ArtWorks. Ever since he was a child, he only dreamt about cars and soon enough had a huge collection that made all the other kids jealous. You must be thinking, we all collected toys right, what’s so fancy about car collection? Well, when most of us forgot about things that excited us as a kid, Shaurya’s passion for cars only kept enhancing. Over the years, he has added some rarest cars to his collection, and he also restores and customises old cars.

The first car that Shaurya ever set eyes on was Renault 5, popularly known as the Maggi car in India, gifted to him by his father. Even now, he still gets emotional whenever he talks about this car, “If you don’t remember it clearly, it was a yellow car with Maggi logo on the roof-top, that we could get by exchanging 6 empty packets of Maggi.”

Shaurya Quotes, “Back in the 90s, people would often look at my car collection and say that with the amount my father spent on buying these scale models, he could have gotten himself a real car. On every special occasion, I used to demand a brand-new car from my parents and even cry my eyes off if they refused. I even used to request my grandmother to get me the newest model.”

“Soon, the search for cars turned into a habit. I would roam around the entire city, from the tiniest of shops to bustling streets. Rain or sweltering heat couldn’t stop my never-ending hunt. If I wanted a particular model, I wouldn’t stop until it was in my hand.”

The car collection he made out of his sweat and blood, began to vanish day by day.

Every time a child came to Shaurya’s house, he had to part with one or two of the models from his collection. All of his prettiest gems were gradually taken away from him. If you come from an Indian family, you would understand the dilemma of not being able to refuse our guests anything.

This prompted Shaurya to have a room full of cars and today, he owns plenty of different models of cars both national and international. Shaurya also received some of the models from his friends as a gift and ordered a few from global websites as well. Some of the cars that he received were not in good condition, so he went on ahead to restore them. His passion for cars grew like a fire and he would be searching for all kinds of cars in his free time, be it a classic or a newly launched model and everything in between.

The story of Shaurya Nagpal is an inspiring one, it teaches us to never give up on our passion, no matter how difficult the circumstances are. You must chase after things that make you happy and gives you a sense of fulfilment. Shaurya is the unsung hero of this newly formed industry and youngsters look at him in awe for the life he has created. He often engages in meaningful conversation with his audience on different social media platforms. Shaurya also loves to take pictures and videos of his cars and share them with the people on the internet.

If you are a car enthusiast, make sure to check out his Instagram: Scaleartworks (https://www.instagram.com/scaleartworks/?hl=en)


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