Mumbai (Maharashtra), [India], May 6, 2024: Foodies worldwide, rejoice! A new app, FavHiker, is changing how people discover and share culinary adventures. Developed by a passionate team in India, FavHiker creates a dynamic social space for food enthusiasts.

What Makes FavHiker Unique?

  • FavHiker combines social networking with culinary exploration, allowing users to connect with friends and fellow food lovers. 
  • Unlike impersonal review sites, FavHiker leverages users’ trusted networks for recommendations. 
  • Discover hidden gems and must-try dishes that friends and family endorse, ensuring a more reliable and personalised dining experience.
  • Get recommendations that best align with individuals’ taste preferences.
  • Leverage the fine dining recommendations of experts in each city, and never regret it. 

Changing the Way People Dine

Imagine travelling to a new city and instantly having access to the best local eats, all recommended by people users trust. FavHiker’s unique “Badge System” empowers users to highlight exceptional dishes by awarding badges to restaurant dishes. This creates a curated list of culinary experiences validated by real people.

Effortless Decision-Making

Gone are the days of endless menu browsing and disappointing meal choices. FavHiker’s intuitive interface and “Taste Match” feature streamline decision-making. Explore a thriving community of food enthusiasts, find dishes that align with taste preferences, and discover new favourites quickly.

Reliable Recommendations 

FavHiker fosters a community built on trust and a shared passion for food. Recommendations come from a trusted circle—friends, family, and even like-minded foodies from their city. This personalised approach ensures people get genuine insights, making every dining experience more enjoyable.

FavHiker is a community of food enthusiasts on a global mission. Whether a seasoned traveller or a local looking to explore the city’s culinary scene, FavHiker empowers people to discover hidden gems, connect with fellow foodies, and embark on unforgettable dining adventures. 


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