Within the dynamic domain of modern Indian art, Binod Mallick emerges as a versatile artist, excelling in painting, printmaking, and animation. His artistic odyssey is deeply intertwined with a profound empathy for the working class. A graduate of Visva-Bharati University in Santiniketan, Binod brings extensive experience, including six years devoted to teaching and an additional three years in the Design Department.

His artistic expertise recently earned him a place in the Genius Artist Award for the year 2023 from the Magic Book of Record, proof of his exceptional contributions to the world of visual arts. However, Binod’s journey goes beyond personal accolades; it is deeply rooted in a commitment to education and social upliftment.

Originating from Kanchrapara, West Bengal, Binod finds inspiration in his upbringing within a family deeply connected to the working class. His father, a coal miner, and his mother, a humble homemaker, imparted a distinct outlook on life. Growing up in a camp in Hyderabad exposed him to the daily challenges of coal miners and labourers, influencing his artistic sensibilities. Returning to Kolkata, where his uncles worked as carpenters, further enhanced Binod’s comprehension of the working-class environment. These foundational experiences became the wellspring of his artistic expression. Selecting “Working Class Society” as his creative theme, Binod embarked on a mission to encapsulate the essence of their lives and struggles.

Beyond his artistic pursuits, Binod wears the hat of the Chairman and Director of Indian Contemporary Art and culture. It was established in 2023 and officially registered as a Newspaper Department in 2023, reflecting Binod’s dedication to providing quality fine art education to underprivileged and Needy Talented children. He previously headed the Fine Arts Department of Maa Anandmayee Memorial School and recently worked as a fine arts teacher and graphic designer at Viswam School (CBSE) Andhra Pradesh. Viswam School Principal, Dr S. ROSELIN PRIYA (PhD), always supports Binod in his ups and downs.

In the past, Binod created an NGO, the S. N Das Art and Cultural Trust, for needy and talented students. NITI Aayog and MSME registered the NGO as a Non-Governmental Organisation in 2020, serving as a ray of hope for economically disadvantaged children. Again, in 2023, Binod created a News Department for talented students, serving artwork and innovative life history. The news department is registered by ISO & MSME (Government of India).

Through tireless efforts and support from fellow members, Binod focuses on imparting free-of-cost art education to children in slums and those from daily-wage labourer families. 

Binod Mallick, sponsored twice by Polo Company, has organised events and provided art supplies to nurture budding talents. Collaborating with four artists from Bengal, Assam, Rajasthan, and Mumbai, the trust aims to empower these children with skills for a brighter future.

Binod Mallick’s narrative is one of artistic brilliance intertwined with a deep sense of social responsibility. His brushstrokes paint canvases and transform lives, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of humanity.

For further queries, please visit: https://www.binodmallick.in/


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