Surat, Gujarat: (By Alnawaz Abjani): Vanitaa Rawat a multi faceted and well known personality of Surat inaugurated Rivaaj – Sawan mela on 20th July in the city of Surat.

Her area of work as a Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner spreads across coaching kids and adults on various shades of life, to brand collaborations.

Vanitaa is a Mumbai born and raised girl, who has been accepted with open arms by the Vibrant city of Surat.

Before moving to Surat, Vanitaa was a corporate Woman and was associated with banks like Chase, Barclays and Bank of America with an experience of 13 years.

Working in a fast paced and extremely competitive environment has added a lot of value and knowledge to her experience base.

Vanitaa Rawat a well known Content Creator and NLP Practitioner, inaugurates Rivaaj (Fashion - Lifestyle - Art) exhibition

Her various accolades ranges from being a Jury for various Fashion Shows to an eminent speaker for power talks in various educational institutions and organisations. She has been awarded  “She The Exlir” Jivantika 2020 award by Sharda Foundation & Power Brand Influencer of the year” by Aspiring She Digital Magzine Awards.

An Unconventional and Fierce woman Vanitaa Rawat was recently awarded with FMBAF – Global Excellence Award 2021 for Human Excellence and Best Mom Influencer on Digital Media & Women of Wonders Award 2021.  Vanitaa was also a panelist and jury for Social Influencers & Blogger Awards 2021.

Her 14 seconds videos on Instagram under the tagline “ViaVanitaaRawat” has made her a household name.

She played a pivotal role in organising City’s biggest Vocal for Local Exhibition which caught national media attention.

Follow Vanitaa Rawat on instagram: vanitaa_rawat 


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