In the heart of Vile Parle West, nestled amidst the vibrant cultural tapestry of Juhu, art enthusiasts are treated to a visual extravaganza courtesy of Venus Sanghvi’s latest exhibition, aptly titled “Beyond Impressions”. Hosted at the esteemed Floorone Gallery, this exhibition marks a significant milestone in Sanghvi’s artistic journey, inviting viewers to delve deeper into the realm of creativity and perception.

Running from the 11th to the 26th of May 2024, “Beyond Impressions” serves as a testament to Sanghvi’s unparalleled artistic prowess and her unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional artistry. Stepping into the gallery space, visitors are immediately enveloped in an atmosphere of intrigue and wonder, as Sanghvi’s evocative creations beckon them to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and introspection.

Venus Sanghvi says “Her artworks are a visual symphony that reflects her experiences through layers of orchestral abstraction”. Her artistic creations express the semantic of congruity, hidden or revealed, in the esoteric layers to form cadenced patterns and designs. Her artworks are poems with an abstraction of colours, shapes, scripts, aesthetic text and words.  She builds up her artwork, in layers, whether working with oil, acrylic, mixed media or encaustics. She starts by mark making be it canvas or paper or wood and slowly builds up layers with different tools and techniques. As she applies subsequent layers, she is reminded of the delicate balance between seizing opportunities and the fleeting nature of time. Just as the open time of any medium is fleeting, so too are the moments in life when action must be taken before it’s too late.

The substance of the land surface – soil and the diversity of life on earth are depicted in her artworks. Regions, terrains, cartography, and urban maps, whether they are new or ancient, accurate or altered, serve as representations of her experiences. Comparing a city’s street system to a body’s skeleton, she argues that it acts as a framework for interpersonal relationships. Nations are only meaning-assigned invisible lines! A beating heart and warm skin are the true meaning of life! Merging invisible lines – to create a unified place to live, she has used city maps (actual or altered), scripts in different languages, and thread to sew the gap to create her artworks. Her usage and application are proficient and judicious enough to break the monotonous patterns of manner of thinking. That is why the viewer always sees something new, undetermined and different without any coincidences.

Her passion for giving back to the community has led her to work with several NGOs to teach art and lead workshops. She recently volunteered at the David Sassoon community centre to paint the walls of the dorms of Davis Sassoon. While there, she got to know the orphaned and abandoned children who need mental support and nurturing which led her to collaborate with Ashiyana Foundation.

Artist Name – Venus Sanghvi

Title of the Exhibit – Beyond Impressions

Name & Location – Floorone Gallery, Vile Parle West – Juhu

Date – 11th May to 26th May 2024


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