ISO 9001-2015, ZED Gold CERTIFIED Organisation Vimal Nourishment Technology Pvt ltd, Trade Name Vimalssonic is founded by Dipak Patil and Rahul Patil with the goal of creating a company that is proactive in its thinking and always ready to provide a quality Assembly automation in the area of producing customizable plastic welding solutions. They help you get your automation setups ready for production, along with getting the installation done before your PPAP, and they are always available for assistance with part quality improvement.

With an experience of two decades of designing and engineering custom solutions for your most complex automation needs, Vimal Sonic handles every project from start to finish under one roof.

The year 2006 saw the modest beginning of a journey to realize the big dreams of founding an organization that has significantly aided in meeting the increasing demand for automation systems and specialized machines. With the aid of technical procedures such as heat staking, ultrasonic welding, heat insertion, hot plate welding,  plastic welding, hot air cold stack welding, leakage testing, poke yoke, servo press, performance testing, and others, Vimalssonic has mastered the proficiency in assembly automation, plastic joining processes, and end-of-line testing. By how well their customers’ objectives are achieved in terms of product requirements, minimal downtime, increased productivity, and seamless integration of our systems in intricate manufacturing and assembly processes, they evaluated their success.

With experience in the technological revolution that has altered the way they produce their products, Vimalsonic is a global pioneer in the manufacturing industry, operating in the automotive, electronics, defence, and toys sectors. Companies in the industries they serve all over the world are now using their core technologies.

Strong commitment, first-time right hand holding, thorough technical solutions utilizing the most recent technologies, effective project management, and validation techniques are just a few of the ways that Vimalssonic set itself apart. Their success comes from meeting the evolving and demanding expectations of their customers, embracing new challenges, and continuously improving their goods and services.

Vimalssonic makes sure that all defined quality systems are applied during the manufacturing process thanks to a highly skilled and dedicated team. It is now the goal of Vimalssonic to develop a work environment that fosters passion and creativity so that it can grow technologically and financially while also setting an example for other businesses around the world.

In the words of the founder “Offering the most cutting-edge solutions for assembly, joining, inspection and product quality is our goal. We can assist you in creating the best system without sacrificing effectiveness and quality. By providing a wide range of top-quality products and services that are tailored to our customers’ needs, we have established the standard for customer satisfaction. At Vimalsonic, we are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations while maintaining a high level of sustainability, which is attained through ethical hiring practices and responsible sourcing.”

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