It’s quite interesting and fun to look at different companies’ brilliant logos or strong taglines that make us say yes to a product! This is the idea underlying the term “branding,” which is now used by every company, and the concept that makes a customer say, “I want to buy this product.”

Bicycling is becoming more popular as a healthier alternative to driving since it is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly mode of transportation that helps people reach their health goals. As a result, the most effective advertising strategy will be to place advertisements at public bicycle shelters. We’ll go over Public Bicycle Advertising in detail in this blog, and Cashurdrive can help you.

Public Bicycle Shelter

While riding is an excellent means of transportation, one key question remains: where can a cyclist store their bike after they reach their destination?

so the answer to the question is Public Bicycle Shelter

A public bicycle shelter is a shelter for bicycles in which you can park your bicycle.  Providing ample, safe, and secure bike parking, So no doubt it’s one of the active spots with lots of visitors coming and going. I’m sure many of us have seen advertisements at bus stops. So in the same way, Cash Ur Drive places hoardings or banners which are fully supported by LED lights inside to ensure visibility at night.

Benefits of Public Bicycle Shelter

Some of the benefits of public bicycle shelter are:

  1. Bike Shelter encourages physical activity
  2. Bike Shelters encourage environmentally friendly life
  3. Bike Shelters are budget-friendly
  4. Bike Shelter will keep your bikes safe and secure

Benefits of Public Bicycle Shelter to Individuals

Consider the following scenario: You must leave your bicycle somewhere since you are unable to take it with you; you would never want your bicycle to be stolen at this time; instead, you would want it to be stored in a secure spot. This is where PBS enters the picture!

Branding Benefits on Bicycle Shelters in Public Places?

High Reach
Isn’t it amazing when people hold your company or brand in high regard? Use smart bikes to get your brand in front of people in the most popular areas of the city.

What could be better than branding your company, your brand, in a way that is both environmentally responsible and valued by the public? A clever and environmentally beneficial method of promoting your brand.

When you have everything in your pocket, things become much more delightful. When compared to other sources of mobility in the city, smart bikes are incredibly cost-effective.

Branding in a form that is accessible or enterable. Docking stations are ideally positioned near public transportation stops, making them more accessible and convenient.

Do you want to advertise your brand in your area?

This is where CASHurDRIVE, India’s first on-vehicle advertising company, comes into play, offering bicycle shelter advertising, cab branding, auto advertising, and other media solutions to get the word out about your brand to as many people as possible.

Mr. Raghu Khanna, the founder of Cashurdrive Marketing Pvt. Ltd., an entrepreneur, said: “This will be a new phase of advertising in the beautiful city. This ubiquitous format will cover all dimensions of the existing media requirements and also add a lot of jazz to the aesthetics of this living city.”

All White, a joint venture between marketing agencies, Crayons Advertising and Cashurdrive Marketing, has secured the advertising rights to the parking docks of the Chandigarh Administration’s Pan Bike Sharing Project.

Checking the Cashurdrive reviews will give you more insight of what the users say as it will assure you that you can fully trust CASH ur DRIVE.


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