“Encourage your children, but do not restrict them. Encouragement for new experiences is important. The key is to give children the space and freedom to learn of their own accord, but always be there as a resource when they need you. This teaches them to be thoughtful thinkers and critical individuals who are capable of making choices on their own rather than following in someone else’s footsteps.” – Sankara K, Founder- Caprics Learning Lab. 

A big part of what makes a school successful is its curriculum. Choosing the right pre-primary curriculum for a school / for a child is one of the most significant parts of attaining success. With all of the choices out there, the dynamic duo understood that it can be very difficult sometimes to pick which one is the best option for a child / the institution. 

Awarded Best Early Education Innovative Curriculum, promising 21st Century India Preschool Award, Top 50 franchised preschool in Asia, Kayo International was founded by Mrs Veena Sundaramurthy and Sankara in 2013. The growing pandemic’s impact on Pre-primary children’s education paved the way to take a new leap in preparing Curriculum and Books for schools.  

“Necessity is the mother of Innovation”, and so came into existence Caprics Learning Lab – Headquartered in Chennai, India. The Covid-19 crisis forced them to foresee alternatives to reach out to children, teachers and parents as well.  This helped in the start of The Nurture Lab – a curriculum framework to develop 21st-century skills in children. The curriculum goes beyond academics and aims to develop the child holistically. The program is made to give children a strong academic grounding before progressing to primary school. Because of the overwhelming demand for online home-schooling during a time of a Covid pandemic, Caprics introduced more opportunities for parents looking to have their children home-schooled. 

After experiencing an increase in special needs children during the Covid, the Dynamic Duo developed the SEN @ Caprics Teacher Training Academy designed to support these children.

“By taking special education courses from the training academy, you get a greater understanding of the methods and lessons used by tradesmen working in this field. This allows you to become more productive in your job or to specialize as a teacher yourself. Teachers, parents, educators, and schools will benefit from this course.” – says Sankara K.

What’s great about Caprics Learning Lab?

Caprics Learning Lab is fast becoming the superpower of the Ed-Tech industry – a curriculum partner for Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten that caters to Individual Preschools, Preschool chains, and K-12 schools. The curriculum offers the best innovation for various types of learners across pan-India. 

The various highlights of the program would include:

  • Thematic Learning
  • Daily Lesson Plan
  • Easily Adaptable
  • Child Centric Assessments 
  • Parental Engagement

The various benefits of the program would include:

  • For Children – Activity Worksheets, Children Activity Aids, Weekly Takeaways, Theme Based Rhyme and Story Books
  • For Educators – Nurture Lab / Mobile App, Assessment Journals, Teaching Aids
  • For Management – Learning management system, Classroom aids, Monitor lesson progress. 

“The younger the mind, the easier it is for them to absorb knowledge. We make sure that our program takes part in this learning period where their minds are more malleable. We administer various programs regularly. This serves to refresh what they learned, but in new conditions, with slight alterations, helping the child gain more experience. Thus, children become familiar with the everyday school routine before they officially enter”. – Mrs Veena Sundaramurthy

The first 5 years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out. It’s time to implement a quality curriculum to take school education forward. 

For more details, visit: https://capricslearninglab.com/


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