Hailing from a Gujarati family, Aruna Prajapati began her career in the world of social media by blogging at the age of 21! A young, happy-go-lucky, kind person by nature, Aruna Prajapati sensed her interest in styling up and the field of fashion. She got the hot personality. That is where she derived her inspiration for becoming a social media sensation. Highly popular on social media platforms like Instagram (@aruna.prajapati) her social media feed is in itself an explanation of her passion and conviction that has driven her towards fame and success to date.

As she always liked to dress up and style herself up, Aruna Prajapati soon realised that her interest in doing so was more than that. It is her hard work that continues to make her one of the most creative and innovative social media. She has never settled with mediocre standards. Rather she has always strived to be the best version of herself that pushes her to become better and more creative.

A hard worker, Aruna Prajapati is dedicated and diligent when it comes to her social media feed. Even though she has a wide fanbase, she remains consistent in delivering quality content to her fans and followers. From feasible fashion tips to exciting ways to style oneself, her fit body, her social media handles are full of dynamic, vibrant, and positive content that inspires all. Born in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Aruna Prajapati is currently 25 years old and looks forward to a bright life ahead in the realm of social media. For there is too much gloom in this world, her social media handles serve as a source of entertainment and quality learning where one can fetch information on fashion, styling, and accessorizing oneself to the best capability.

She is loved by her fans and followers so much so that her social media family keeps increasing day by day. Aruna Prajapati is simply stunning when it comes to her passion. By collaborating with numerous national and multi-national brands through barter collaborations and paid collaborations, she has expanded her skills over time and is definitely on her way to greater heights!

Follow Aruna Prajapati on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aruna.prajapati/


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