Recently, while news of losing actors like Puneeth Rajkumar and Siddharth Shukla at a very young age due to heart attacks broke, it was tough to digest that how can great talents with such fit bodies can have heart problems. The second thought must be the re-analysis of one’s own lifestyle, health measures and diet when compared to fit actors. This is the scariest part. Are we keeping the right food habits for our heart, are we doing enough workouts for keeping the heart active or are we doing anything else to prevent such dangerous situations?

In re-looking on your measures, you should think about alternative therapies for heart wellness. One such way is a daily dose of ZERO BLOCK or ZERO BLOCK X, the natural blends to take care of heart, naturally. From the house of Senera Essentials, an Indore based Ayurveda foundation, is producing these two ayurvedic mixes using natural ingredient in ‘extract’ form. Both ZERO BLOCK and ZERO BLOCK X are now widely used by heart patients to control the level of bad cholesterol in body, maintaining blood pressure and hence managing hypertension and artery blockages as well.


ZERO BLOCK is an ancient remedy from the books of Ayurveda and Unani therapies, which is having Apple Cider, Garlic, Ginger, Lemons and Honey. This formulation is being therapeutically designed to reduce episodes of morbidity and mortality due to heart problems. ZERO BLOCK X, an innovation for heart wellness, is a diabetic-friendly version of ZERO BLOCK. It is again having natural ingredients like Arjuna, Apple Cider, Garlic, Ginger and Lemons. Since Vedic period, many ancient Indian medical texts like Charak Samhita, Sushruta Samhita and Ashtang Hridayam have given references from nature to increase your heart immunity and stay away from serious heart issues.

What is HEART IMMUNITY and how ZERO BLOCK and ZERO BLOCK X helps in it?

During covid, we took enough measures to improve our herd immunity but forgot to take care about the most delicate and important part of the body, heart. We should now take utmost care to improve the strength of heart by these fine means. It is important for us to avoid surgeries and procedures and look beyond doing lifestyle changes and getting shadow of modern medicines. Here, Ayurveda can be a savior.

ZERO BLOCK and ZERO BLOCK X, both are legends to suppress heart diseases and help in delaying the risks of cardiovascular diseases. Let us elaborate the ingredients’ part. Garlic, that both ZERO BLOCK and ZERO BLOCK X has, reduces the progression of cardiovascular diseases, lowers blood pressure, and reduces risk infraction and stroke by more than 50%. Arjuna, the main ingredient of ZERO BLOCK X, aide in reducing oxidative stress and inflammation and has cardio-protective effects in the setting of diabetes.

ZERO BLOCK and ZERO BLOCK X, both consists of ginger, which has ability to reduce possibility of hypertension complications and acts as a vasodilator (improves blood circulation). Lemons, the rich source of vitamin C, lowers blood pressure of hyperlipidemia patients. Honey, an important ingredient of ZERO BLOCK, reduces artery plaque by 30%, studies say.

How to take? How can we buy?

Both formulations, ZERO BLOCK and ZERO BLOCK X are to be taken 15 ml, empty stomach, every morning. It is a dose for everybody, if you want it as a preventive measure or already suffering with any heart related issue. Both are available in India on,, and ! ZERO BLOCK USFDA approved formulation is available in US as well on You can also find these on your nearest medical stores.

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