It is said that happiness is the key to success. One cannot succeed if one is not happy. But what defines happiness?

Rajat Chauhan was born and bred in Delhi, who has made spreading joy as his every next following step. He is an existence that commemorates his life for the very good of the people. Rajat Chauhan is an iconic comedian who has successfully made his name by his mere passion and dedication, which he puts in his work.

Rajat Chauhan, an enthusiast, who loves Bollywood movies with every other gossip, who enjoys reading non-fictional books is the kind of a person who gets along with every one as smoothly as the ice flows through the water. He is a people’s man. He clearly knows the art of being the lime light of the evening by making all present feel home.

Rajat Chauhan, an engineer, chose comedy as his professional stance outgoing all the difficulties, challenges, negative vibes he faced while coming to such decision. He is of the view that life has best to offer. It will be your mentor and will guide you all along, being by your side. His 8 years long journey made it crystal clear that his real passion is best portrayed on a stage rather than belonging to a cubicle.

Appraising the perks of his profession, Rajat Chauhan loves the travelling and the experience he gets meeting different ideal groups of people and society. Having done more than 700 shows till date and where the count is still on, Rajat Chauhan has elegantly defined his hustle.

With the experience and the taste of flavor of many generations, Rajat Chauhan has some astounding and clean family friendly shows which holds a promise to be worthy of your time. He believes his observational and communicational skills to be his strength and his audience his power.

Loved by families and adored by the Corporaterealizations, Rajat Chauhan dictates the era. One can trace his journey and celebrate life following the given link:


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