Tees Graphy, a trailblazing brand in the apparel sector renowned for its innovative designs and commitment to sustainability, stands as a beacon of success amid India’s burgeoning print commerce landscape. Founded by Mirza Sabeer and Mouaz Ahmed, two visionaries driven by their passion for creativity and eco-consciousness, Tees Graphy has redefined the printing space in India.

Mirza Sabeer, an artist at heart, initiated the journey in 2012, forsaking his corporate career to establish a T-shirt printing unit fueled by his artistic inclinations. The inception of Tees Graphy marked a fusion of artistry and commerce, symbolised by its very name.

Amidst the obstacles faced by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Mouaz Ahmed joined forces with Sabeer, leveraging his digital expertise to transition Tees Graphy into the online realm. This strategic move not only ensured the brand’s survival but also propelled it to unprecedented heights in India’s print commerce landscape.

Tees Graphy’s emphasis on affordable customisation struck a chord with consumers, particularly in southern India, garnering immense traction through strategic collaborations with notable YouTubers. The brand’s online platform witnessed a surge of over six lakh visitors within a mere five days, underlining its widespread appeal.

Distinguished by its flexibility, Tees Graphy accommodates individual needs, offering single T-shirt printing services ideal for personal endeavours and small businesses alike. The brand epitomises inclusivity and creativity with a diverse array of designs catering to various tastes.

Beyond T-shirts, Tees Graphy has diversified its offerings, providing bespoke work uniforms and introducing a sustainable clothing line crafted from recycled plastic bottles, underscoring its unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship. Notably, the brand’s agility was showcased during the pandemic as it swiftly adapted to produce customised face masks alongside its regular product line, exemplifying social responsibility.

Mouaz Ahmed has emerged as a leading advocate for sustainable fashion, championing the cause at prestigious forums such as the G20 summit in Amritsar and spearheading initiatives like the IECC Event in Kashmir. Through innovative collaborations and engagements like the YouTuber summit at Lovely Professional University, Ahmed has propelled Tees Graphy to the forefront of India’s fashion industry, heralding a new era in the print commerce revolution.

For more information, please visit: https://teesgraphy.com/


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