In Chandigarh, four entrepreneurs with a shared passion for culinary innovation—Mr. Amit Anand, Ms Hitika Anand, Mr Prashanth Chembala, and Ms Ambili Nair—started their journey into the food industry. Chef Hitika kicked things off with IndiSuBb, a relaxed Desi cafe. It was a digital hub brimming with India’s delicious secrets. Here, individuals could explore traditional recipes, regional specialities, and unique culinary adventures at their fingertips.

Seeking new culinary territories, they opened Blancos – Pizza-Pasta-Bar, where Chef Prashanth introduced a fusion menu blending international tastes with Indian spices. This fine dining venue became renowned for its unique dishes, inviting atmosphere, and commitment to quality, setting a new standard for culinary adventures. 

A Celebration of Indian Delights: 

Imagine a vibrant space buzzing with energy, capturing the essence of India’s diverse cuisine. Led by culinary experts, this Indian casual cafe serves traditional recipes and authentic flavours in a relaxed setting. From fragrant curries and succulent kebabs to satisfying street foods such as vada pav, bun samosa, rasgulla and ras malai, the menu is a love letter to Indian cuisine. 

A Twist on Italian Classics:

Next door, a delightful surprise awaits – the pizza pasta bar and delectable tiramisu. Here, a fusion fiesta unfolds. Classic pizzas get a desi twist, while creamy pasta dishes are infused with aromatic Indian spices. From a Margherita pizza with a secret Indian touch to pasta bathed in fragrant Indian spices, the menu promises an exciting adventure for taste buds.

The Perfect Complement:

The bold flavours of Indian cuisine find perfect harmony with the range of craft beers or classic ales, enhancing the taste experience and elevating the experience. A thoughtfully crafted list for wine lovers complements Indian dishes and fusion creations. 

A Culinary Bridge:

This concept represents a dynamic culinary journey. It bridges the gap between traditional Indian cuisine and European classics, resulting in a fusion of flavours that delight food enthusiasts and casual diners. Passion, creativity, and a commitment to exceptional quality redefine casual dining here.

Indisubb offers a vibrant space with street-style and comfort food at pocket-friendly prices, perfect for a casual outing. Conversely, Blancos provides a more upscale experience with exquisite pizzas and kinds of pasta, complemented by a wide selection of mocktails, beer, and wine. Interestingly, despite their distinct vibes, both concepts create a unique umbrella where diners can enjoy the best of both worlds under one roof.


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